View Full Version : Horseman 5x4 Polaroid back

27-Feb-2013, 20:20
Seeking advice on the best type of Polaroid back for a Horseman FA 5x4

Joseph Dickerson
28-Feb-2013, 09:39
The Polaroid sheet films, the one's in individual envelopes, are long discontinued so the 545, 545i series of holders are virtually obsolete. I still see out of date Polaroid films offered for sale but Polaroid films never seemed to have a long shelf life, for me it always seemed to be useless one day after the expiration date. A lot of people don't realize that Polaroid films can't be successfully frozen, the chemicals crystallize, and I suspect that a lot of the stuff still for sale is in somebody's freezer.

Fuji still makes 3x4 and 4x5 pack films, but the emulsion choices are very limited, that fit their film backs or the Polaroid 550 (4x5) or 405 (3x4) backs. Sorry I don't recall the numbers of the Fuji backs but they are getting kinda expensive.

Any of these should work on the Horseman, although some cameras do have issues with some of the backs.

I'm sure a Horseman user will jump in soon with more specific information.