View Full Version : Introducing myself and Calumet/Cambo 45N

27-Feb-2013, 18:17
Hey everyone! I'm the new guy! Just joined the forum the other day. I've been interested in photography since the late 80s and been in business for myself since 1999. While in college I got to use a 4x5 a few times and loved it. It's just never come to fruition for me to own one until now. This weekend I scored what i think was a great deal on a Cambo 45N. I got the camera, Calta 210mm lens, Schneider kreuznach 90mm, 7 film holders, polaroid back, case, 2 dark cloths and a changing bag. This was bought new in about 1996 but was used for less than 20 exposures. Everything is just like new! All that for just $200!!! I'm looking forward to using it. Anyone have any experience with this particular series camera and have any tips or warnings/bewares for me? I'll likely upgrade lenses before long.

28-Feb-2013, 00:38
Welcome to the forum and have fun with your new camera. It's addicting! That's about all the advise I can give. :)