View Full Version : For those who shoot with Delta 100...

Sal Santamaura
26-Feb-2013, 18:47
and wish it were available in other larger sizes, enjoy the following announcement made today:


In addition to previous 4x5, 4x10, 5x7, 13x18cm, 6-1/2 x 8-1/2, 7x17 and 16x20, this year Ilford will offer it in 11x14, 8x20 and 12x20. Note that there's no minimum quantity requirement. Even if as few as one box in a given size is ordered, the film will be cut, boxed and delivered.

Since my Delta 100 EI when developed in XTOL 1+3 is 200, I'll now be able to use the same emulsion for all formats. :D

26-Feb-2013, 20:08
When I read the thread title my heart stopped beating think that it was discontinued. But I'm very glad to hear that rather than being discontinued it's being expanded! It's good film and I use it for 8x10 and have learned to always have the exposure curve with me.


27-Feb-2013, 01:48
Thats fantastic, my favourite film in all all the formats I do.

27-Feb-2013, 07:16
Thanks for that information, Sal.

Michael Cienfuegos
27-Feb-2013, 10:55
I love the stuff in 5x7.

27-Feb-2013, 12:42
whew... I was with tgtaylor. I just started with the LF last year and got a couple boxes of velvia 50... then poof. Jesus... I was not looking forward to finding a new B+W favorite. Although I'm waiting to get a box of adox after seeing a wonderful portrait in the feb portrait thread.

27-Feb-2013, 13:18
Rare bit of good news on the film front; thanks for the update.

Chauncey Walden
27-Feb-2013, 15:49
And who can we order from?

Sal Santamaura
27-Feb-2013, 17:07
And who can we order from?From Simon Galley's APUG post that I linked to at the top of this thread:

"...As usual the full listing of items available will be published as a press release on our website in April along with the updated list of our ULF re-seller partners around the world..."

In April, that press release will be found here:


Simon usually updates the APUG "Product Availability" announcement thread with a pointer too.

John Jarosz
14-May-2013, 10:52
Resurrecting this thread with a question (now with the Ilford ordering period open in ULF sizes):

Looking at the FP4+ and Delta 100 density/exposure curves, I see that the Delta 100 only shows an continuing upward slope as it approaches a density of 2.00 and does not show a 'shoulder' to the curve (FP4+ has a shoulder). Does this mean that Delta 100 can be processed to obtain higher densities than 2.0? I'm looking to see if this might be an easier film to deal with to obtain a larger density range to use in alt process work. (I have not had good luck with Pyro so I'm looking for a substitute.)



14-May-2013, 12:15

The density maxes out at that point on the graph which I think is 1.8. I don't believe that you can get a higher density than 1.8 regardless of how long you develop it.

If you use Pyro for alternative printing requiring a high DMax, then you would have to refresh the developer a couple or three times during the long development.


George Hart
14-May-2013, 12:41
I love the stuff in 5x7.

Maybe I should try this emulsion in 5x7. But for landscape and pictorial work I have not been impressed in 135 and 120 format. It seems well suited to biker shots with sunlit chrome and leather jackets.

Delta 400 handles the breadth of values more evently. This is the emulsion that I should really like to see in larger formats.

14-May-2013, 17:33
If you use Pyro for alternative printing requiring a high DMax, then you would have to refresh the developer a couple or three times during the long development.


Bingo, could not have said it better myself! Pyro is usually not the best option for something like that!