View Full Version : Cutting down 7x17 X-ray film to 5x7...

John Kasaian
26-Feb-2013, 12:58
...which would yield 300 5x7 sheets of ortho for around $50:cool:
With emulsion on both sides, what is the best way to cut this stuff down to prevent scratching?

26-Feb-2013, 14:48
Lots of praying :)

Maris Rusis
26-Feb-2013, 15:23
I cut film in the dark with a precision safety guillotine alias paper cutter. Padding the cutter's bed and hold-down bar with paper prevents metal to emulsion contact and I've never had pressure marks or scratches...so far, fingers crossed. Cutting X-ray film under safelight would be easy.

Michael Cienfuegos
26-Feb-2013, 18:29
Provision Enterprises http://www.provisionenterprises.com/index.php?_a=category&cat_id=3&page=1 has 5x7 green x-ray film for about $28/100 sheets. It beats having to cut the stuff.