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26-Feb-2013, 06:49
I'm sure someone can comment here - I've been experimenting with different ways to get my Pt/Pd materials and have got quite a lot of good advice from Carl Weese - Thank you Carl!...if you're reading this...

So on a couple occasions I've purchased Palladium Chloride powder and dissolved it with Lithium Chloride to make "Lithium Palladium" solution. I understand palladium in solution is a 'double salt', regardless of the salt it is mixed with, and that pure Palladium Chloride will not go into solution in pure water.

Which brings me to my question: since Lithium Palladium uses Lithium Chloride, than standard Pd#3 would use Sodium Chloride as the second salt. I'm a little hesitant to use ordinary table salt as I know there are anti-caking agents, iodide and who knows what else, mixed in with food grade Sodium Chloride.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it okay to use table salt to make Pd#3 from PdChl powder? I couldn't find an obvious source for "regent grade", pure sodium chloride without having to buy 100 kilos or something.

What do you do here?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
26-Feb-2013, 08:10
Some brands of kosher salt don't use anti-caking agents. I can't speak to its use in pt/pd chemistry, but I use it all the time to mix gold toners.

28-Feb-2013, 23:20
David's Kosher Salt lists "salt" as its only ingredient. I just used some to mix a batch of PdCl; it worked just fine.