View Full Version : Kodak TMAX RS 1:4

Too Many Cameras
25-Feb-2013, 13:20
I tried a 1:4 dilution of TMAX RS developer the other week on some Lucky and Arista EDU films. I followed the Arista package insert exactly, but neither film turned out images more than the faintest shadow. I took shots at various ranges from three feet to infinity and thought I had meters all of them correctly. For reference, I tried roll film the next week and the results are great, so the developer isn't shot.

The Arista insert said to use 1:4 RS at 5.5 minutes and 70 degrees. Is the package insert incorrect? My 4X5 tank can't be inverted, so for five seconds every 30 I sloshed it gently left, right, forward, and back followed by a couple of circles.

Any insights into what I did wrong?

25-Feb-2013, 14:53
Your times would seem to be in the ballpark, and since your 35mm film looks good, your Lucky and/or Arista film sheets might simply be defective. Can you shoot and develop a test sheet, preferably from both boxes? The results – whether you repeat the poor ones, or produce good ones – would be a helpful step in solving the mystery.

Bruce Douglas
26-Feb-2013, 12:21
Make sure that you have an adequate amount of the stock RS developer in the solution you use to develop the film A given amount of stock solution will process a certain area (square inches) of film. This is important to check at the higher dilutions.