View Full Version : Better than a deardorff,my korona front standard conversion.

24-Feb-2013, 20:29
While researching front standard mods i really didn't find much info so i figured i would share mine with a few pic
Ask questions if you like. Parts list include angle aluminum from tractor supply,1/4x28 bolt,stainless screws and a cambo front standard.
In this pic above you see the bolt and an aluminum block and nut from the cambo.

24-Feb-2013, 20:29

In this next pic what you dont see is that i hot put hot glue in the cutout then screwed the block into the glued wood.
The glue was used to fill the voids to help add stability and keep everything in place.

Jim Fitzgerald
24-Feb-2013, 20:39
Nice to see. Great idea and thanks for showing this. It is nice to know for future projects.

24-Feb-2013, 20:41
I need to do a little more as far as making it a little better looking. Also for the front extension to fold the rear standard hangs off the back slightly. I want to build a new bottom block that would be a little longer and still allow a rear extension if i ever find one cheap enough.

C. D. Keth
24-Feb-2013, 22:47
It's not a looker but that's all the movements you'd ever need.

Peter Gomena
24-Feb-2013, 22:56
Great solution! Thanks for posting it.

Lachlan 717
25-Feb-2013, 00:37
Nice to see. Great idea and thanks for showing this. It is nice to know for future projects.


25-Feb-2013, 02:21
Now looking for a cambo front standard... My Korona is the black finish from the factory. This would look and work like it was made that way...Thanks, Bill