View Full Version : Adapting a Compur shutter with HR solenoid to work with modern strobes

24-Feb-2013, 20:02
Well the title pretty much says it all. I have a 4x5 Speed Graphic Anniversary with a 165mm Voigtlander Anastigmat Skopar lens. On the lens board is a HR solenoid to actuate the shutter release upon firing the flash. I have the flash grip/battery tube/not sure what else to call it. The solenoid has a bipost connection on it and the old flash handle has both a female bipost and what appear to be 3 Edison style plugs on it.

Is there some way to get this to work properly with a modern strobe system? If you need more info or photos just let me know.

25-Feb-2013, 09:20
The solenoid, when working, give a delay equivelent to M-synch for flash bulbs. X synch is not possible with that equipment.

Jim Jones
25-Feb-2013, 10:05
You might link a micro-switch to the cocking lever so the switch closes when the shutter blades are wide open.

E. von Hoegh
25-Feb-2013, 12:04
It was at one time possible to add synch contacts to these shutters, it's a fairly straightforward job. I don't know of anyone still doing it, but you might look around.

1-Mar-2013, 13:10
You set the shutter delay with the synchronizer linkage. The way we did it back in the day, was to mount the camera on a tripod, point it at a light colored wall, look through camera back, wide open lens, fire shutter and flash. Adjust delay screw until you can't see the leaves any more from the flash. It is doubtful you can get fully open at f4.7, but f8 should be doable. There usually a lock-nut on the delay adjuster, don't forget to loosen it first. Use new batteries. If you could bring yourself to use flashbulbs ("oh no, they are so old school") you wouldn't have this problem. Much more light unless you have a real studio flash set-up. (Read "expensive")