View Full Version : Hugo Meyer/Goerlitz Aristoplan f/7.2 195mm brass lens

24-Feb-2013, 15:32
Hi All, Thoughts on this lens? I placed the winning bid last moment:) Other lenses by the same seller were going for much, much more and looked beautiful.


24-Feb-2013, 15:50
Wow, someone paid over $800 for a B&L magic lantern Petzval sans flange, that doesn't even cover 8x10. My impression is that Hugo Meyer lenses were undervalued until recently. A lot of the small ones are getting snapped up by the digital crowd. I just got a 210mm f3.5 Trioplan and it's quite a nice lens. You can't go too wrong for the price you paid.

Steven Tribe
24-Feb-2013, 16:52
I can't find it my 1900 - 1930 catalogues amongst Meyer lenses.

Lens VM says the name was used originally for an RR but later for a F7.2 "budget" Triplet.

24-Feb-2013, 16:53
I noticed that too, but since I'm relatively new to this world I assumed I was missing something. Maybe it's related to the fact that the lenses all come from the collection of a platinum print practitioner represented in galleries.

24-Feb-2013, 16:57
Thanks Steven. Is anyone out there shooting photographs with this lens or something similar?

Ole Tjugen
26-Feb-2013, 04:13
I have one of those too - except mine is a 240mm. Decent performance, a good Aplanat (not RR, there are subtle differences even if the basic design is identical).

6-May-2016, 12:28
I have exactly the same, but in the shutter. It is well corrected aplanat. Nice picture.