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Kevin J. Kolosky
24-Feb-2013, 10:59
I was given a full, 50 sheet box, of 16 x 20 Kodak Ektalure paper yesterday. I don't see an expiration date on it, but I have not heard of that paper being made for years.

Anyway, I am hoping that its useable.

Has anyone ever used it for anything but portraits? If so, how did you like it?

bob carnie
24-Feb-2013, 11:14
great paper if slightly fogged use it for Lith prints

Jim Fitzgerald
24-Feb-2013, 12:17
What surface is it? I would be interested!

Kimberly Anderson
24-Feb-2013, 12:25
My all time mostest favoritist paper ever.

W K Longcor
24-Feb-2013, 18:24
A simply wonderful paper! My favorite surface was "R" -- a really nice texture. I am sure you can make excellent prints with it. If it was stored in less than ideal conditons - experiment with adding a little Benzotriazole to the developer ( once sold as Kodak anti-fog). If the Benzotriazole does things to the image color that you don't like --- Ektalure is a great receptor of toning. I once had the pleasure of receiving numerous boxes of factory sealed paper ( not Ektalure -- many were brands that went out of business before I was born) --most of which had exp. dates of 1934 to 1938. With just a dash of Benzotriazole they produced superior prints.

Peter Gomena
24-Feb-2013, 23:03
Ektalure was the last great portrait paper, IMO. With a warm-tone developer and a touch of selenium, it gave beautiful cool-chocolate browns.

24-Feb-2013, 23:19
I was just given a 10 sheet pack of 16x20 -- K surface (fine-grained, high-luster). Hope to play with it one of these days!

A friend use to print landscapes on Ektalure from Type 55 negatives -- beautiful prints!

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Feb-2013, 07:31
If its good, what is a 49 sheet box of 16 x 20 worth? The surface is G lustre.

bob carnie
25-Feb-2013, 09:03
I was visiting with Ron Morey or PE as he is known on APUG , in Rochester over the weekend.
Ron is an ex Kodak emulsion making expert, he has been teaching a couple of young printers how to make emulsions and coat onto paper.

One of the samples he showed me was a dead nuts (memory still pretty good) sample of a current emulsion on rag paper that looked like Ektalure.
I would imagine Ron was one of the people who worked on these wonderful paper emulsions..
These hand made prints were every bit as good as current day and former day papers we all drool over.

Not starting rumours here, but there are people in Rochester very interested in small batch runs, I have came back from Mecca (GEHouse) and feel very good about the
potential of tailor made paper in small batches... Won't be cheap but very doable.

I see a kickstarter project coming in the future.

Jim Fitzgerald
25-Feb-2013, 09:40
Kevin, send it to me and I'll print a 14x17 carbon print on one of the sheets and send it back to you! Would that be wrong? I'd have to fix it out to print on it.

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Feb-2013, 10:06

Thanks for the offer but I will have to pass.

26-Feb-2013, 18:28
I'd be soooooooo interested if that happened. Please let me know if you hear of anything like this happening.

6-Mar-2013, 19:17
It was brilliant for in camera paper negatives. There's nothing else vaguely like it, sigh. You have a real treasure there.