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Paul Coy
23-Feb-2013, 17:41
Can anyone tell me what size or # the adapter ring is that was used for this lens? All my data says is that it is 'special" and that is shipped with the lens.


23-Feb-2013, 18:25
Can anyone tell me what size or # the adapter ring is that was used for this lens? All my data says is that it is 'special" and that is shipped with the lens.


Do you mean the filter ring or the retaining ring ?

Paul Coy
23-Feb-2013, 19:33
Do you mean the filter ring or the retaining ring ?

The filter ring, yes. It screws into the lens.

Alan Gales
23-Feb-2013, 19:51
According to an old thread on here 39.5mm.

Alan Gales
23-Feb-2013, 19:56
Someone said that they screwed a 39mm to 49mm adapter into it and it worked but don't screw it in too tight or you may have trouble removing it.

Mark Sampson
23-Feb-2013, 20:29
Well, I'm far from any documentation, but that lens was meant for un-threaded 'Series' filters and should take a 'Series 6' retaining ring. My 135mm WF Ektar takes a 'Series 7' ring, or did before I found a series 7-52mm adapter ring and went modern with my filters and caps.

Alan Gales
23-Feb-2013, 20:52
That's interesting, Mark. My 14" Commercial Ektar has filter threads but I know the 12" Commercial Ektar does not.

Does your lens have filter threads, Paul?

Louis Pacilla
23-Feb-2013, 21:40
You should be able to find the answer you seek here.

Hope this helps.

Doremus Scudder
24-Feb-2013, 05:06
The 100mm WF Ektar was designed for a "special" adapter ring that adapted it to Series VI. One of these came with my WF Ektar 100m when I bought it.

For quite a while I used this Series VI adapter ring with another stepping ring to adapt regular filters to my 100mm WF. This, however, was unwieldy and long enough to vignette when using the lens to the edge of the coverage.

Then, I found out by accident that a regular 55 filter screws into the front threads on my WF 100mm just fine. Just don't wrench the filter down too tight since the threads don't match exactly. They are, however way close enough to make this a viable and usable option. This makes things a bunch easier. :)

Since I have standardized on 52mm filters, I now have a 55-52mm step-down ring that simply lives on my WF 100mm and use 52mm filters on it mostly. This works just fine if I'm not stretching the coverage. If I'm worried about vignetting, I'll use a 55-67 step-up ring and my 67mm filters.

If you have 55mm filters, you are all set. If not, just get the appropriate stepping ring up to the size you use (and, 52mm will work well in all but the most extreme situations).

I love my little WF Ektars in both 100mm and 135mm versions.



Doug Webb
24-Feb-2013, 11:31
I have a Kodak Series VI push on adapter ring maked 1 and 21/32 // 42mm that I think I recall pushing on the outside rim of the lens and fitting perfectly on my 100 wf ektar and a different one I used on my 203mm. I no longer have the 100mm lens so I can't check it, but you can measure the outside diameter of the front lens cell to see if it is 42mm. These come up on ebay from time to time and can usually be purchased for about 10 dollars or less. I don't think my 100mm wf Ektar had threads inside the front rim, maybe I'm not remembering that right. I rigged up a step up ring that I pushed on to the outside of the push on adapter using tape that worked fine and didn't vignette. You could do the same without the series VI adapter possibly but you would risk getting tape residue on the lens itself.

Paul Coy
24-Feb-2013, 15:18
Thanks for responding guys.

I now have the lens in front of me. I was going off memory and had it packed away when I posted.
The lens has a built-in adapter ring that is internally threaded. When you unscrew it the front lens element comes with it so it looks like I am in need of the retaining ring only (sorry, Mrfujicam).

I measured the inside diameter and it looks to be 40.4 mm (as close as I can figure it out in inches to mm). So, that 39.5mm retaining ring will most likely be the one to get. I searched for that thread and no-go. Do you have the link?

I tried to drop in a typical Series 6 filter and it doesn’t even fit. It is almost exactly the diameter of the built-in adapter. It is just a hair smaller. I also tried a Series 6 retaining ring and same thing, will not fit.

Yes, I have that same info.

I do have a series 6 to series 7 step-up ring somewhere.

42mm should be the size to use if I go with the slip-on route. One thing though, there isnt a whole lot of clearance between where the slip-on adapter "fingers" will go and the "M" "F" flash button on the Flash Supermatic. I think this is why Kodak has a "special" retaining ring that threads onto the built-in adapter ring.

Even if I can find the 39.5 retaining ring the problem remains of what filters to use as Series 6 will not drop into the built-in adapter. It looks like the retaining ring that was used for this lens is for the use of the larger Series 7 filters and attachments?

Paul Coy
24-Feb-2013, 15:27
Never mind, I found the Link.

Alan Gales
24-Feb-2013, 15:41
Paul, all I did was google 100mm Wide Field Ektar Filter Sizes. You can check and see if it's the same discussion that you found.

Steve Goldstein
24-Feb-2013, 18:44
My 100mm WF Ektar came with a "Kodak Series VII Adapter Ring No. 40". A cheap VII-52mm adapter allows me to use my standard 52mm filters. I've never had problems with vignetting, but confess I haven't done rigorous checks. Series VII is just slightly bigger than 52mm.

Doremus Scudder
25-Feb-2013, 03:16

Sorry for the misinformation in my earlier post. I don't have the lens with me and my memory was not serving me well...

Anyway, here's (I think) the proper info.

First, you need the adapter ring. I think what you are unscrewing that brings the front lens element with it is not the adapter ring, but the front retaining ring of the lens. The adapter ring screws into this.

If you have this adapter ring, which adapts to Series VII (not VI as I earlier indicated), then you can simply screw Series VII to 52mm adapter into it and use 52mm filters, as I do, and as Steve mentions above. I got a cheap VII to 52mm adapter easily on eBay.