View Full Version : what type of lensboard for a 90mm lens on a Kardan GT?

23-Feb-2013, 17:24

I'm looking to get a wide angle for my Linhof Kardan Gt. I'm slightly confused because when I bought the camera used, it had come with a 210mm with a recessed lensboard mounted on it. Now prior to this, I always thought that the recessed boards were mainly used for wide angles. Is that true? So my question would be, if the recessed board was meant to be used for a wide angle, then what type of a lensboard would I need to get for a 90mm? or should the 210 be on a flat lensboard and the 90 on a recessed?

Thanks in advance!

Bob Salomon
23-Feb-2013, 17:58
The flat 0 board 001080. But you will need the wide angle Kardan bellows, even if you mount it on the recessed board instead. The 210 need the 1 size Kardan flat board 001081.