View Full Version : What size enlargement requires 8x10?

Ric Raymond
4-Mar-1999, 16:20
Folks, Most of my work (architecture and commercial) is done with a 4x5 as this gives reasonable output for magazines and most enlargements. I have been asked to do some work for a trade-show exhibit where the prints will be 40x60 and larg er. The orginals will be Velvia transparencies which are drum scanned. My question is at what size print should I start providing 8x10 originals instead of the 4x5? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for your help.


Ellis Vener
4-Mar-1999, 21:16
Last year I shot backdrops for "the Wheel of Fortune" television series when the y filmed two weeks of shows here in Houston. I shot on 4x5 Velvia QuickLoads. Ea ch of the shots was blown up to approximately 8'x10' (96inches x 120 inches) wit h no problems. Does that answer your question? Write me if you need more details .

Charles Matter
5-Mar-1999, 16:33
Ellis's answer tells all...4x5, shot carefully, will do the trick. The new transparancy emulsions are especially sharp. Emphasise "shot carefully". Check your depth of focus VERY Carefully. Backgrounds (for example) which look sharp blown up to 20"x24" may not look so mural size. I shoot Polaroid P/N and use a 10x loupe on the negative (watch out for the goo) to precisely check exactly what's in and (slightly) out. This has saved my butt more than once...especially on that important shot at the end of a long day when your're trying to wrap without having to pay your crew overtime.