View Full Version : Will a Grafmatic 4x5 Film Holder and Graphic Film Pack Adapters fit Zone VI

Robert Peterson
11-May-2004, 05:42
Will a Grafmatic 4x5 Film Holder and Graphic Film Pack Adapters fit my Zone VI 4x5? Thanks!

11-May-2004, 06:52
Yes they will fit. But Film Packs haven't been available for 20 years, so a Film Pack Adapters is worthless. Grafmatics hold 6 sheets of film.

Erik Gould
11-May-2004, 08:19
In my experience with my own camera and grafmatics, no they won't fit. It may depend on the generation of Zone VI you have, but I had a problem with the grafmatics on my Wisner era Zone VI. It seems to fit, but doesn't quite sit properly, and will fog the holder from one end. I'm sure the camera back could be modified to make it work. I just never took it that far. I have no experience with the film pack adapters.

Mark Sampson
11-May-2004, 10:15
I had a similar experience. I used Grafmatics on my previous camera, but the ones I had would not stay in position on my '92 Z-VI. I think there was a lip on the holders but no slot on the camera- I sold the holders to someone who 'had to have them' and forgot about the issue. The Grafmatics I had showed the old logo (the silhouette of the reflex camera) and perhaps they were meant for GraFLEX cameras, not GraPHIC types. I've seen in the literature that there were two different attachment methods, but I'm not sure about that. The Z-VI spring back did stretch enough to accomodate the Grafmatics, that part was no problem. Kodak quit making filmpack in about 1992; the only emulsion available had been Tri-X. I should have bought a large quantity then!

Neal Shields
11-May-2004, 16:02
Someone on the internet is selling TriX film packs which they claim have been frozen for 20 years. I shot some and couldn't tell the difference between it and new film. However, I forgot how thin film pack film is. It wouldn't stay in my development reels and I had an attack of stupidity and let some of it stick together in the trays.