View Full Version : Slosh Tray for 8x10 negatives

Mike Troxell
10-May-2004, 20:59
I've been using a type of slosh panel, a Summitek Cradle, to develop 4x5 negatives for the last few month. I recently moved up to 8x10 and last month I asked Summitek and Photographer's Formulary if they had any plans to manufacture an 8x10 negative version of the 4x5 negative slosh trays they both sell. I just got a call from PF yesterday saying the trays for 8x10 negatives are in.

10-May-2004, 22:07
Any negatives (no pun intended) to using these things? Doesn't the film tend to float to the surface?

Mike Troxell
11-May-2004, 09:43
I thought it might at first but I've been using the Summitek Cradle for several months and the negatives are some of the cleanest I've ever developed, no artifacts, scratches, etc. I've never heard of negatives floating to the top but if they did then I would assume that you would just start developing negatives face down.

Ola Lagarhus
11-May-2004, 11:46
How do place the sheet films in the Summitek Cradle, Mike?

Mike Troxell
11-May-2004, 14:35
The Summitek Cradle and the PF 4x5 negative slowh panel are both open trays divided into partitions for 4x5 (and 8x10) negatives. You simply lay the negative down into the open tray compartment and the tray is then placed in a regular development tray. To see a picture you can go to http://www.photoformulary.com and do a search for "tray".