View Full Version : 8x10 at Badger Graphic

John Kasaian
22-Feb-2013, 10:19
My routine is--whenever I open a box of 8x10 film I order a new box of 8x10 film so as to have a "hedge" against glitches in the supply line later down the road. Today I noticed that Badger graphic hasn't raised the price of 8x10 Ilford while B and H already has.
Just sayin'

Roger Thoms
22-Feb-2013, 10:29
Yes and will hopefully get some before they raise the price. Just need to pay off the credit card first, then I can charge it right back up. I did get 4 boxes from B&H before they raised their price.


Renato Tonelli
23-Feb-2013, 14:26
I have noticed this as well - the savings can be substantial when ordering several boxes.