View Full Version : Friendly greetings from Berlin, Germany.

22-Feb-2013, 07:34
Well I thought I would join this forum.
I do photograph more with 35mm film, but have been using 4x5 for a few years now.
I am living in Berlin but grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Nice to be on board.

Brian C. Miller
22-Feb-2013, 08:49
Welcome, Andreas! We have quite a few members in Germany. I was in Karlsruhe in the mid-1980s. You have some lovely countryside over there! What kind of LF camera are you using?

22-Feb-2013, 10:27
Welcome! My nephew has moved to Berlin and it sounds like an interesting vibrant city.

22-Feb-2013, 15:20
Brian I use a Cambo, the sexiest largeformat. My girlfriend chose it!!
Yes Vaugn Berlin is very vibrant and alternative. A colourful bunch of people living here. There is a large art scene here. The coutryside around Berlin is a bit boring though. So Photographing landscapes is a bit of a drag.