View Full Version : Sinar rails

21-Feb-2013, 20:30
Just got a Used Sinar F today, I have a 210 Symmar and i cant focus close enough, can anyone confirm if all Sinar rail extensions will fit. I was thinking about ordering this one: http://www.keh.com/camera/Large-Format-Close-up-and-Bellow-Accessories/1/sku-LF20999017652E?r=FE

Ed Richards
21-Feb-2013, 21:00
They all fit.

21-Feb-2013, 21:07
They all fit.

Thank you sir.

22-Feb-2013, 22:50
Yep, every single one from the Norma on through to the P3.

23-Feb-2013, 05:47
The only thing to look out for is if the keyed slide on top of the rail is warn at the end which takes the pin from the extension, if it is you can get a small amount of rotational flex, probably not an issue if you are using lighter lenses, but if you have any heavy ones then it can be a pain.