View Full Version : Jobo CPE-2 for 4x5 developing

Tim Hodgson
21-Feb-2013, 20:15
I'm looking at purchasing a Jobo CPE-2, not the 2-Plus, and I am reading conflicting reports about what it can and can't do. Can one indeed develop 4x5 film on this machine using 2509n reels and if so with which drum?

Are there any other things that I should be on the lookout for with this model?



21-Feb-2013, 21:49
The only thing you cannot do with a CPE2 is run Expert drums.
You can process 4X5 with 2509n reels, with either the multitank 2, max 6 sheets on one reel (2520) or Multitank 5 (2550) max 12 sheets on 2 reels.

You can even do 2 sheets of 8X10 with a 2830 (no reels)....

CPE2+ has a stronger motor then CPE2, and slightly better electronics, also is usually newer.
We always recommend getting a lift with any machine (see why here: http://www.catlabs.info/why-do-i-need-a-jobo-lift)

Hope this answers your questions.