View Full Version : Cutting 8x10 film without scratches

21-Feb-2013, 19:59
I have a custom 6x7 (inches, not cm) back and film holders which I enjoy shooting landscapes with. I cut down 8x10 sheets of film to 6x7 and 4x5 sheets using a ROTATRIM RC RCM12 12 inch cutter. However, when I see the developed sheets of film I notice slight/tiny scratches on the film. And when scanning the film, these scratches come up as unpleasant bright blue lines. I checked the film holders and other possible sources of scratches, including using a different photo lab, and the problem seems to be the Rotatrim cutter. I would appreciate any advice on how to cut 8x10 sheets of film down to 6x7 and 4x5 without scratching them.


21-Feb-2013, 20:13
Fold it over and lick the edge, then put if over the edge of a table and pull down, it will cut it beautifully.

Just joking.

Keith Pitman
21-Feb-2013, 20:22
Try putting a sheet of paper on top of the paper cutter and under the film before you cut it. I make the cuts with emulsion side up.

22-Feb-2013, 19:50
Thank Keith.

I will give it a try.