View Full Version : re-using LPD?

21-Feb-2013, 16:13
I read somewhere that "seasoned" LPD mixed with fresh produced terrific prints. Does anyone mix used LPD with fresh?

Jon Shiu
21-Feb-2013, 16:18
Not exactly what you are describing, but I do replenish older working solution with some undiluted solution.


Mark Barendt
21-Feb-2013, 16:21


22-Feb-2013, 16:27
what ratio of fresh developer mixed with used "seasoned" developer. For example if I need 1000ml of developer how much new and how much old...not replenisher.

Mark Barendt
22-Feb-2013, 16:43
It depends on what you want from the LPD and your paper. The ratio controls the tone from warm to cool.

What specific quality are you trying to get?

My seasoned developer is more dilute than the ratio I started at 1:2 so the tone goes warm.

You can simply start more dilute at say 1:3 if warm is what you are after.

Dan Henderson
22-Feb-2013, 20:29
I keep gallon jugs of LPD at 3 different dilutions for cold, neutral, and warm. At the end of each session I top off each jug with fresh developer at roughly the same dilution to add some fresh developer and to keep the jug full to reduce oxidation. Since I am not one to spend more that a couple of hours on each printing session and may only throughput 5 or 6 prints, I like this method for economy as well as reducing the chemistry that goes down the drain.

Well, except for a few weeks ago when I accidentally returned some of the fixer I was using into the developer jug that was sitting too close at hand...arghh!