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20-Feb-2013, 17:22
I have a question for you guys. Where should I send my old lens such as Kodak Ektar 135mm for a CLAed service? Thanks in advance. David

20-Feb-2013, 21:05
Carol Flutot (http://flutotscamerarepair.com/)

Doremus Scudder
21-Feb-2013, 03:30
Carol Flutot (http://flutotscamerarepair.com/)


Carol usually has a waiting list. You can get on it on her web site. You then will be notified when it's your turn to send in your lens. Turnaround time after that is very fast.

Carol has worked on several of my Ektars in Supramatic shutters; they came back working better than new and with a list of actual shutter speeds that I can tape to my lensboards (higher speeds on older shutters are always slow). Price and quality are great.



21-Feb-2013, 09:25
Thank you for your answers. Will contact Carol for service. Best wishes, David

21-Feb-2013, 11:42
carol! I Just came around again on her list (it's been around 6 months) so 2 more shutters are on their way to her.