View Full Version : schneider 5,6/360 (12/620) from ilex 5 to???

10-May-2004, 07:09
hi, I have a schneider 5,6/360 (12/620) lens mounted in a broken ilex universal 5 shutter. Can I mount it in a copal 3 or is it to big for anything now available? thanks, miha

Michael S. Briggs
10-May-2004, 09:34
It's too big for any current shutter. A Copal 3 has a maximum iris opening of 45 mm. Ignoring any pupil magnification, your lens has a maximum aperture of 360 mm / 5.6 = 64 mm. If you had it installed into a Copal 3, the maximum aperture would be reduced to about 360 / 45 mm = f8.

Are you sure that the Ilex can't be repaired? Your other option would be to buy an Ilex 5 on ebay.

Michael Jones
10-May-2004, 13:56
My Schneider Symmar 360 (12/620) is mounted in a Copal #3. So were the later varients, Symmar S and Apo Symmar. No reason yours can't be remounted. What happens is the largest aperture becomes f6.3. The cost may be prohibitive: $250 + cost of shutter. Good luck.