View Full Version : LF scanner options?

18-Feb-2013, 04:24
I have a epson V500 scanner, that as many of you may know, does not scan LF negatives (puting away the scan the neg in two halfs and stich together, etc).
I am looking for a scanner just for LF negatives. Upgrading to the V700 or 750 it's very expensive for me, so decided to look for old scanners/2nd hand ones.
The epson 4990 is still expensive, the prices I saw are around 200 , also expensive just for scan LF negs. The other option I saw was going to a epson 2450 or 2400 and get the transparency adapter (that mainly are sold with the old 1200 series and beyond).
What do you think?

Don Dudenbostel
18-Feb-2013, 06:16
Something I've done in the past is to use a light box with even illumination and place my B&W neg on it and mask stray light with black tape and black paper. I set my DSLR camera up above it so the focal plane is parallel to the film. Using a good macro lens I simply photograph the neg or transparency. Shoot raw files and process to your liking. B&W neg images can be inverted to positive in photoshop. Basically it's just a copy setup.

I don't shoot color negs so I'm not certain they would work due to the orange mask.

Jim Jones
18-Feb-2013, 06:23
The Epson 2450 has a light source in the lid for up to 4x5 negatives. Mine met my needs for years. An Epson 700 is slightly better, but the difference is modest.

19-Feb-2013, 15:09
Well, after a post this thread, I manage to find a epson 4990 for 120€ and bought it.