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17-Feb-2013, 21:17
Fairly new to LF, but read somewhere about a guy who would put Instax wide film in a film holder, exposed it, then processed if by rolling it with a wine bottle. Looking at the inside of a Polaroid 545 that came with my camera, it looks better than a wine bottle. The tension on the rollers can be varied depending on the thickness of the backing you tape the Instax to.

I've never used the type 55 film, but could the light tight envelopes be reused, loaded with instax? One of my customers is a LF photographer with some old polaroid sheet film I could get if somebody thinks the envelopes might be reusable.

Then I found out what quickloads were, and was wondering if there are any envelopes around, and if it would work with the Instax.

Just throwing out a random idea that I have no way of testing. So somebody try it and let me know how it works.

6-Mar-2013, 23:18
It Works!

I ordered some Instax Wide and loaded it in a Polaroid 545 in my Crown Graphic. Here's my 2nd and 3rd attempts. The first one hung up and didn't go through the rollers. I did leak a little light onto the film while trying to figure out how to get the sheets out of the pack. Lousy light from a couple of 300 watt halogen work lights.



Downside: have to load one sheet at a time into Polaroid 545 holder and put holder in camera in darkroom. Can then expose one frame then back to the darkroom. I have a few type 55 sheets coming to see if I can figure a way to pre load envelopes

I'll see if I can get a shot with a flash tonight, If I do I'll post some more.

Nathan Potter
7-Mar-2013, 10:04
Reloading "quickloads" (4X5) sounds like an attractive thing to do and I've succeeded a couple of times. Failure is mostly with the clips which need to be spread carefully and positioned exactly with the clip dimples directly in the original depression in the sleeve. All this in the dark. In principle this can work but would not be practical unless a tool of some sort were developed to implement precise alignment of clip to sleeve, correct location of the film in the sleeve and resealing of the sleeve edges. Of course you need a supply of used clips and sleeves.

With limited time to do LF photography I spend it in the field taking images.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

12-Mar-2013, 14:30
I made a darkslide for the 545. It works great, I still need to load it in a darkroom, but I have several 545's so I can load them up and then go out and shoot. Kind of bulky but functional

I got some Readyloads and a few sheets of type 55. The paper envelopes for the Readyloads are not wide enough to hold the Instax wide films. The Polaroid envelopes are a much lighter material and probably wouldn't hold up to much reuse. Remove everything from the old clips. Insert an appropriate piece of tough paper (I have some old expired Chibichrome that I have been using in the 545) into the clip to tape the Instax sheets on. This is what gets pulled through the rollers to process. My next project is to locate some suitable light tight paper and tape to make the sleeves. Anybody have any suggestions?

Next question, since the actual image size is only 2 1/2" x 3 7/8" (6.5cm x 10cm), would that be considered LF? Is this an appropriate topic for this forum?