View Full Version : Help removing rear standard on Toyo 45D

17-Feb-2013, 20:40
I have a cracked mount on my Toyo 45D.
To repair/replace it I need to remove the mount from the rail. But first I need to get the standard off the mount.
But I have not been able to find any instructions on how to get the rear standard off the mount.
Can anyone help me with how to remove the standard.


erie patsellis
17-Feb-2013, 21:43
If you look carefully at the cap, there's a pin you can push in and it will pop off, from there everything just slides off.

17-Feb-2013, 22:21
I have the cap off.

I just can't figure out how to remove the mount from the bottom of the standard to repair/replace it.
When I turn the focus knob it hits a front/back stop which keeps me from getting it off the mount.

erie patsellis
17-Feb-2013, 23:39
I'll take a look in the morning, from memory though you loosen the swing nuts, swing one way and remove two screws, the other and the other two come off, from there you unscrew the set screw for the focus knob and back it out, followed by the dovetail being removed. You'll want to loosen the gibs first, then when you reassemble readjust them.

I'll double check in the morning, as the D and E/F are slightly different.

25-Feb-2013, 21:33
I did not see a screw that I could unscrew when I moved the swing. I could be blind.

However, there was a screw over the rack that the focus knob engages. If that is released, and there isn't another one in the front, then the standard should slide out, leaving the rack behind. Geez I hate reverse engineering how to take some things apart.

26-Feb-2013, 07:26
If you contact Toyo by phone, I think they're under Mamiya in New Jersey, they will email you an exploded parts diagram in minutes.
Disassembly of the standards is complicated, full of parts, so best to use a procedure with a diagram.