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17-Feb-2013, 16:33
A Fujinon T 600mm has a flange focal distance of......not 600mm, right? The 'T' indicates a telephoto?

I quickly searched for the above info but figured you guys might have an answer. I saw something today I need a long lens for, and found this 600 to be somewhat available on the 'net. With a 26" (~650mm) rail and two standard 18" bellows with a middle standard (is that what it's called) I figure I'll make this happen on a Cambo SC. Any insight into the matter would be appreciated. I understand camera shake is a problem in this scenario...

Thank You,
David R.

17-Feb-2013, 17:02
The published FFL is 383.9mm for the 600mm f/12 T.


17-Feb-2013, 17:11
Concise. Thankyou.