View Full Version : Hood for a Symmar-S 360mm f6.8

norm the storm
17-Feb-2013, 16:23
Hi everybody

I planned to get a Symmar-S 360 mm f6.8 lens for 11 x 14 camera. I realized that this lens have a 120 mm filter size.
So, I have the Lee system for my 4 x 5 gear and there is not an adapter ring for this size. Am I wrong?

What can I get to have hood for this lens?

Thank you

Neal Chaves
19-Feb-2013, 07:46
If you have not bought the Symmar-S yet, consider the Fujinon 360mm f6.8, it uses 86mm filters. Like all Fujinons, it is a great lens.

23-Feb-2013, 22:44
I doubt you will find the Lee System adequate for big glass.
Consider modifying a large compendium hood to work on your 11x14 and using 6" square filters with it.

erie patsellis
23-Feb-2013, 23:18
Rear mounted gel filters and flagging the lens will work for far less expense. Gives you more $$$$ for film.

24-Feb-2013, 08:23
Yes, get a compendium as the others have pointed out. Even though you may not be doing many movements, you know (or will find out) that as you focus that camera with that lens your angle of view changes considerably. Thus the need for a lens hood system with a variable angle of coverage.