View Full Version : Service bureau for making digital negative from tif file

Mike in NY
16-Feb-2013, 23:14
I'm interested in recommendations for service bureaus that can produce digital negatives from tif files prepared in Photoshop.

I'm in the New York metro area, but don't mind using a bureau outside my area if it's a good one.

Thank you!

P.S. I'm sure there are folks who would encourage me to produce my own digital negatives - no need to go there; i know all about that. Right now I just have a particular need for a service bureau.

Thanks again.

Peter Mounier
17-Feb-2013, 08:49
I've used this place ...
They have never let me down.

17-Feb-2013, 09:00
Dodge Chrome in Silver Spring, Maryland, can do anything you want.

- Leigh