View Full Version : Another Pyrocat HD question?

16-Feb-2013, 17:26
My 4x5 negatives that have been developed in PyrocatHD look great...but they have the colored stain that I expected. When I scan them they have the same warmer stained look. If I print them in a darkroom will they still have the tint. If I want that cols toned B&W look is PyrocatHD the wrong developer? I have only re-sized this to fit here.

Richard Wasserman
16-Feb-2013, 17:36
The color of darkroom prints is determined by the paper, developer, and any toning you might do. The color of the negative is irrelevant.

Gem Singer
16-Feb-2013, 17:52

The effect that the Pyrocat-HD+ "tobacco" stain has on darkroom printing is that enlarging times will be slightly longer.

You may need to use a higher contrast filter when printing on variable contrast papers.

The tone of the negative doesn't impart a warm tone to B&W prints. For that to happen, you need to use a warm tone paper with a warm tone developer.

Or, you can tone your prints with Selenium toner or Sepia toner.

16-Feb-2013, 17:56
I generally prefer the colder tones in my B&W photos. I like the results with Pyrocat but have only started using it. I have always used Rodinal or HC-110 in the past.