View Full Version : Dallmeyer stereo wet plate camera

Craig Tuffin
16-Feb-2013, 13:40
I have the possibility of buying this camera. Basically it's mint with the plate holder and 2 Dallmeyer 4" f4 lenses (1a's ?) with original caps and waterhouse stops.

I was wondering if anyone know what it would be worth...ballpark figure.

Steven Tribe
16-Feb-2013, 15:00
More likely to be a pair of stereo Petzvals which was a special category in Dallmeyer's early production.

There are wonderful cameras.
Stereo collectors are a bit like some ULF categories users- price is no object sometimes!

Worth is what the seller decides it is worth.

Craig Tuffin
16-Feb-2013, 15:07
Thanks Steven!

I forgot to attach an image. 89560

It's a very pretty camera

Emil Schildt
17-Feb-2013, 09:33
Thanks Steven!

I forgot to attach an image. 89560

It's a very pretty camera


Emil Schildt
17-Feb-2013, 09:37
as Steven saud sometimes the prices are rather high...

one example and not finished yet...


one ended;

one more


alex from holland
17-Feb-2013, 09:50
He Craig,

New future toy?
Looks great!


Steven Tribe
17-Feb-2013, 10:31
The Polish seller used to have the Dallmeyer stereo too.
When comparing the models he has sold, it looks like there was the same supplier (Meagher?) to all of them.

None of his stereo sales seem to have included plate holders, though.