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Noah B
16-Feb-2013, 11:17
Hey all, I know a lot of you have cameras that have a leather strap attached to the top for carrying. I wanted to know if there is somewhere you can get a leather strap like that? Like on Tachiharas, Zone VI etc.

16-Feb-2013, 11:38
Funny you should ask, I'm looking for someone to make replacement straps for a number of vintage cameras. I may end up buying a machine to sew leater, I've a niece who's good at things like this. I would prefer to find some else firts to save the outlay :D


Michael Cienfuegos
16-Feb-2013, 13:59
Someone else found it, I remembered to bookmark it, so here is a vendor who makes just what we want for handles: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/howto/parts/handles.htm It looks like the Model TH-16 handle would fit best on my Kodak 2D cameras, both 5x7 and 8x10. At $6 each including US shipping it looks like I found my replacement handles. :)

He also has brass brackets, etc.

Hope this helps.


16-Feb-2013, 14:54
Near where I live in Springfield, Mo. is the Springfield Leather Company (used to be Tandy) that turns out stock handles like this as well as making custom patterns. I had them make one for me last summer and it is a beauty.

Maybe there is a similar operation near where you are located.

Jim Jones
16-Feb-2013, 17:49
Check out the belts in second-hand stores. Just tonight I replaced the missing handle on a little Busch Pressman with a slightly modified ladies leather belt.

24-Feb-2013, 15:21
I buy mine in the dog collar section of the pet store. Make sure it's not made in China. I've had trouble with pre-mature cracking and breaking with them.