View Full Version : Two newbie Sinar / LF questions - getting my gear together

16-Feb-2013, 11:05
Hello all,

I returned to film photography from digital about two years ago, and just made the leap to LF with the purchase of a Sinar F1.

I had to buy a rail clamp separately and don't have that in my possession yet, so, my first question is, do I need any other Sinar parts to go between the rail clamp and my (rather old) Bogen tripod? The tripod head takes those hexagonal plates - as long as I have one of those with the right size screw, am I basically good to go?

My second question is, can anyone recommend a decent ground-glass loupe for 4x5 work - something with a specific name I can use to search evilBay? My efforts so far get me lots of pages of junky magnifying glasses etc.

Thanks much,

Tony Evans
16-Feb-2013, 12:35
New Hening Type II MC 6x Focusing Loupe 4x5 8x10 Camera, listed on EB.

I bought this and am very satisfied. Another Forum member reported the same.

22-Feb-2013, 22:56
The rail clamp has a 3/8-16 threaded hole in it, and will readily mount to your hex plate using the larger of the two available screws.