View Full Version : Photoflo in presoak or developer?

15-Feb-2013, 22:53
I read once that Jock Sturges shuffles 16 8x10s at a time and uses a bunch of photoflo, and the way it was worded it made it sound like it was in the developer. In a different thread someone talked about using it in the presoak. I thought it was just in the final rinse. I suppose it comes down to your process and what works for you but does anyone else that presoaks use photoflo in it, if so how much? Or in the developer? In my head that seems like it would sheet the dev off the neg but just curious.

15-Feb-2013, 23:00
Not sure it's exactly what you are looking for but with divided pyro it is recommended to put a small amount of photoflo in developer bath A to ensure immediate and full run off before the dunk into bath b. I didn't do that the first go around and had some uneven development. I would think if you used it in a presoak the effect would carry over somewhat into the developer.

16-Feb-2013, 06:40
I got some outdated Foma 100 a while back. Had lots of problems with scratches. Usually ruined 2 out of 8 negatives developed. Adding photoflo has nearly eliminated this problem. I haven't noticed any need to adjust development times. Photoflo added to every step in the dark (Presoak, Develop, water, water, fix) I do 5X7 in 8X10 trays. About 2.5L of liquid per tray with 3-4 drops of Photoflo. My developers are Pyrocat and Rodinal, fix is TF-3.

arthur berger
16-Feb-2013, 07:50
When tray developing sheet film in batches, the first tray I use is water with a few drops of photo-flo in it. The negatives are placed in the water one sheet at a time before shuffling through the batch. The photo-flo helps prevent the negatives from sticking together. Emulsion side up. Then transferred to the developer.