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15-Feb-2013, 11:30
Hello to all.
I'm just now jumping into the world of LF and have
been assembling a "kit" based on the advice that so
many forum members have made available to "newbes"
like myself.

I was fortunate enough to get to purchase a Cambo Legend
in excellent condition at a very low price.

I was dismayed to open the box to find that it was
full of foam popcorn with the camera separated from
the rail and wrapped in a single layer of small bubble
wrap, but -at first- it appeared to have made the trip
in good condition anyway.

My delight in finding that it was not just a Cambo
Legend but rather a Cambo Legend Plus was short-lived
when I found that the fine focus shaft on the rear
standard is bent. The knob still turns, the focus can
still be adjusted, but the shaft is definitely bent
and the depth-of-field calculator isn't functional
with it in this condition.

My hope is that the knob and shaft can be removed
and replaced or straightened (the shaft appears to be
nothing more than a threaded rod...or possibly a
threaded rod in a threaded "tube"), BUT I cannot
figure out how it can be disassembled.

The front standard fine focus appears to have a nut
on it just in front of the knob, but the rear one
has that area covered by the DOF "sleeve", so if one
is there, I cannot see it.

Is there anyone out there familiar with how this all
goes together or who knows where a disassembly/exploded
diagram can be found for the camera? (It's either a
Cambo Legend Plus or a Master Plus.)

Even if I have to send it out for repair (so much for
the lens budget), sending just the damaged part would
be far less expensive than sending the entire standard.

I'd just try to return it (packing in foam POPCORN???
what were they thinking??) but the Legend Plus seems to
be a very rare bird and the yaw-free tilt a very desirable

Second question would be "who does repair on a Cambo
Legend"? I've looked online, but no joy at this point.
If I could get the shaft pulled I could probably send it
to SK Grimes and get a new one made, but have to get
it taken apart first.

A replacement standard for the "Plus" will doubtless
cost as much or more than the camera did even if I
can find one (I can't find the "Plus" for sale even
in the auction site "completed" history).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(I'm holding off getting out the allen keys to start random
disassembly as long as I can stand it.)

(I'd sure like to get to the point of asking newbe "howto take picture"
questions rather than "howto fix this camera" questions!)

Gem Singer
15-Feb-2013, 11:58
Call Calumet.

They own Cambo.

Oren Grad
15-Feb-2013, 11:59
Second question would be "who does repair on a Cambo
Legend"? I've looked online, but no joy at this point.

FWIW, the authorized agent for Cambo in the US is Calumet. Contact info for their repair department:


Scott Davis
15-Feb-2013, 12:07
Calumet will repair (sometimes slowly, sometimes expensively) some very old equipment, so I wouldn't hesitate about contacting them for a repair estimate. They MIGHT even have the spare part and instructions on how to install it yourself. I have a 20+ year old strobe power pack that they fixed for me. It took them a while since they had to order the spare parts from Germany, but they did fix it and now it works just fine.

15-Feb-2013, 12:20
Thank you all for the quick reply.
I'm calling them now...

David Karp
15-Feb-2013, 12:33
There is a nice man named Jose at Calumet hq in Chicago who repairs LF equipment. You can call there and ask for him. He is very helpful.

15-Feb-2013, 13:09
Jose at Calumet said $70+ parts.
Painful enough but not nearly as painful as I expected.
Thank you all VERY much.
Hopefully I'll be asking the usual "what lensboard should I use with...."
type of questions very soon.