View Full Version : Supermatic shutters

14-Feb-2013, 08:54
I have a 203 Ektar and a 100 WF Ektar(both supermatic), the WF Shutter went south on me ....is the 203 shutter a direct exchange so I can continue to shoot w/ the WF while the other shutter is out for repair? Thanks, Bill

14-Feb-2013, 14:33
Have you tried it? I no longer have my 100 WF so I can't. But, I can tell you that a 100 f3.5 will drop into the shutter for a 127 f4.7.


Doremus Scudder
15-Feb-2013, 03:59
I don't know about the switch, but Supramatics are good, sturdy shutters. It is certainly worth the repair to keep the aperture scale, etc intact. I'd send your shutter off to Carol Flutot or one of the other reputable repair shops. I may only need a CLA ($80 for my WF Ektar/Supramatic last time at Flutot's).