View Full Version : "original" HP5 (not plus) data

tim atherton
6-May-2004, 10:23
Anyone know where I can find data sheets/dev info on original HP5 (as oposed to the current + version)?

I just found my dad had 5 boxes of 8x10 in the freezer from around 1990 ish (anyone know how to decode those Ilford film box codes...?)


Robert J Cardon
6-May-2004, 12:40
Tim - Sorry - No data for you but I do have a comment: I think it must have been wonderful to have a parent(s) who shot LF. If your dad passed on his passion and knowledge to you, then you are fortunate! I know that part of the reason I got into photography was because I was inspired by my Mom's 35mm slides (which she still shoots). Had she not photographed, I'd probably not be shooting today.

I wonder how many others were influenced by their parents in this regard, or are likewise encouraging and nurturing their offspring in this medium?



tim atherton
6-May-2004, 16:00
Yes RJ - I started out with my dads old folding Kodak whatsit and processing B&W in the kitchen when I was 11 or 12. He used mainly 35mm - Minolta SLR's, a Leica or two at one tme and a weird E. German Werra.

I remember when i was about 13 he took me to the Gandolfi Brothers workshop which was an hour or two away from where we lived then. I guess that's where I got the LF bug (probably my dad too...). A couple of years before he retired he bought an old Gandolfi 8x10 and started using it with plans for his retirement. Then just before he did retire he went blind in one eye (his "good" eye) and he found much photography - esp the gg of the 8x10 and also rangefinder cameras too much of a strain. So he sold the camera (unfortunately I wasn't into 8x10 then...) and now just sticks with his AF Minoltas that do all they eye stuff for him.

Hence finding the old 8x10 film in the bottom of the freezer in the garage last time I was back. Mind you his first love is sailing - and at 74 he's still out there every weekend dinghy racing on the English Channel

Annie M.
6-May-2004, 17:13

I have an old Ilford Technical Information booklet with 2 pages of the usual data. I can make a copy and send it out Canada Post if no other options present themselves. E-mail me off forum if you want me to send it on to you.

Cheers, Annie

Chauncey Walden
6-May-2004, 17:34
I have the 1/89 tech info booklet and have contacted Tim to see how he wants to receive the data. I think he may find a condensed version stashed somewhere in the film box too. The booklet adds spectral sensitivity, characteristic curves, contrast/time curves, more recognizable filter data, and time/temperature processing charts.

tim atherton
6-May-2004, 17:57
Thanks all - chauncey emailed me the info and it looks like it gives me a good place to start (hmmm - didn't think to look inthe box...! I'll have to go and see)

Interestingly Ilford US didn't have the information - they were going to try back in the UK for me (which is much better service than I've ever had from Kodak...)