View Full Version : Who made the lens Royal Anastigmat 75mm?

Jon Bond
5-May-2004, 14:45
I'm trying to figure out where this lens came from? Who made it? What are the specs on it. It seems to be a fairly good lens but I can't find any info on it anywhere. It came on a Panagor Bellows, but looks to have been modified to work on that. Can't seem to find out much about Panagor either. The Panagor takes all kinds of different camera mounts and can take different lens mounts. I'm trying to modify it to use M42 lenses.

From the little I have gathered Royal was a brand name used by some camera maker in upstate New York, that got bought out a couple of times. Beyond that I can't find anything else.

Thanks in advance

Dan Fromm
6-May-2004, 11:30
Re the lens, per the Vade Mecum the name was used by Rochester Optical Company and Wollensak, both in the first decade of the 20th century. No mention of focal lengths or maximum apertures. Both were "an air-spaced 4+4 double anastigmat" sort of like a TTH Series XV. The book's sketch of a Ser. XV shows 4 doublets, two in each cell. Count reflections.

All that said, odds are that you have a fairly modern Japanese tessar-type enlarging lens. Count reflections, measure the thread. And tell us, please, what you find.

Panagor is some marketers' brand. I've seen Panagor macro lenses and teleconverters, have a 2d Panagor focusing rail that's identical to the one Adorama sells with their name on it.