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12-Feb-2013, 15:04
I am easing my way back into Large Format work. Have been away for 15-20 years. I would like ultimately to work in 8x10, but am also looking to reenter 4x5.

Since joining the forum, I have found the information here quite comprehensive

I noticed in the "Articles" section that the info is somewhat dated.

Specifically, I am interested in suggestions for "Used" resources above and beyond, eBay, B+H, Adorama. Obviously, this forum will be a source once I have been a member long enough.

Am hoping to be able to restore, then use an 8x10. I will probably purchase a 4x5 field camera as well.

As mentioned in my intro post, my equipment currently is meager - a Calumet CC400 sans lens - and front and back standards and tripod block of an 8x10 Eastman 2D

Thanks for any suggestion for used resources.



12-Feb-2013, 15:10
Off the top of my head: Glazer's, Calumet, Keh.com, luminous-landscape forum, getdpi.com forum, photo.net, fredmiranda.com, rangefinderforum. These all have used sales. Some are more LF geared than others.

12-Feb-2013, 15:17
KEH certainly has the largest selection of anyplace I've found on the 'net. www.keh.com

They're great folks to deal with. Accurate descriptions and grading, and a 14-day return policy.

They have an awful lot of my money. :o :cool:

- Leigh

C. D. Keth
12-Feb-2013, 17:20
Igors has quite a lot of large format gear. I recently bought a 14" commercial ektar and some holders from him and it was an excellent experience. It's best to call him rather than e-mail.

12-Feb-2013, 21:14
Lensfielders http://lensfielders.com

I've been very impressed with their customer service and overall helpfulness. From my limited experience their grading of used items is conservative - i.e. the item will be at least as good as described, if not better.


12-Feb-2013, 21:23

Were are you located?

13-Feb-2013, 03:46
I'm located in Dunbarton, NH

13-Feb-2013, 06:03
Another plug for Igor's. He always has some Deardorff stuff if your interest runs that way.

Drew Bedo
13-Feb-2013, 07:24
Restore or Re-Build? I have seen nearly enough parts for a 2-D on e-bay at one time or another. But the total for all the parts would probably exceed the price of a complete camera.

13-Feb-2013, 11:57
Hi Drew

Either restore or rebuild woukd be fine

I did see some of the pieces that you mention on ebay - when you add what I need plus a bellows youre getting in the $5-600 range

Too much for me for that route - so we'll see


C. D. Keth
13-Feb-2013, 12:31
I know it's more than 5 or 600 dollars but there's a kodak master 8x10 on ebay right now with a buy it now of $1100-something. It appears to be in good shape.

13-Feb-2013, 14:52
Thanks for the head's up - no ground glass though

John Kasaian
13-Feb-2013, 16:05
Midwest Photographic Exchange should be on your list.:D

13-Feb-2013, 17:33
Thanks, John. They are indeed.

I'm afraid that I need to focus (sorry!) my efforts. Being away from LF for so long, many changes have taken place. Prices have risen.

Technology has changed such that there is attraction to me in not having a full wet darkroom, with the ability to scan LF negatives now somewhat economically.

I am thinking I will concentrate on 4x5 and a good lens and a scanner for now. Decisions...

13-Feb-2013, 19:27
I have found all my used gear on craigslist. There are site (adhuntr is one) that allow searches of all craigslist sites. This has been the best source of gear for me.

C. D. Keth
13-Feb-2013, 22:03
Thanks for the head's up - no ground glass though

Pff, that's a trifle. A groundglass is easily replaced very cheaply.

Drew Bedo
14-Feb-2013, 07:27
Hi Drew

Either restore or rebuild woukd be fine

I did see some of the pieces that you mention on ebay - when you add what I need plus a bellows youre getting in the $5-600 range

Too much for me for that route - so we'll see


Hi George,

Many years ago, in the last decade of the previous century, (mid-1990s) I bought a Kodak 2-D at the Houston Camera Show for ~$300. It has the tripod block but no extension rail. It was fully functional then but well-used. At some point (still pre-2K) I decided to refinish the wood.
Al l the metal bits were removed and taped to cardboard in their proper relationship to one another with re-assembly notes, and set aside. I didn't strip or sand the wood. Just used one of the refinishing kits marketed to consumers that dissolves and cleans the original varnish. Re-assembly went far better than I had expected . . .no left over screws etc. Looks pretty good now, but still not facyory new, which was the plan.

I Don't think I could have rebuilt one from parts . . . Iím just not that good!

14-Feb-2013, 09:14
Hey Drew

My story, unfortunately, was more sordid.

I had purchased mine complete but not together. The previous owner had disassembled it to restore and couldn't figure out how to put it back together. The good news was he was meticulous in documenting the disassembly with polaroids of everything.

Long story short, in the horrible break-up with the then girlfriend I only ended up with the pieces I have now.

Such is life