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Calamity Jane
5-May-2004, 07:11
I lifted this idea from another thread but nobody took it up "Might be interesting to take a poll to learn the number, ages, sex and experience of those using this forum".

I'd be interested to know who lurks here-abouts so I'll pose the questions:

1) Who are you?

2) Where do you live?

3) What do you shoot?

Only fair, since I'm doing the asking, to start thangs off myself.

1) Dianne Best (better known as Calamity Jane)

2) Manitoba, Canada (after living MANY other places in Canada)

3) Amateur. Wilderness and rural landscapes and interesting scenes - 6x4.5 up to now, moving into LF.

So, let's see how broad a spectrum is represented on this board.....

Edward (Halifax,NS)
5-May-2004, 07:44
Hi Dianne, sorry for calling you Jane in a previous post. It may come as a big surprise but my name is Edward and I live in the Halifax area. ;) I shoot mostly landscapes and seascapes with a CC400 and a Yashicamat. I have been taking pictures for about 15 years although I started with 4X5 only 3 years ago. I tend to bounce back and forth between colour and b&w. I am in a colour phase now. I have sold exactly one picture so I guess it is safe to call me an amatuer. Here is what I have been shooting lately.


Calamity Jane
5-May-2004, 08:20
Call me Jane - everybody else does.

Francis Abad
5-May-2004, 08:33
My name is Francesco Cicoli Abad, an Italian living in Stockholm, Sweden. I shoot only B&W 8x10. My work can be seen here www.cicoli.com.

Nghi Hoang
5-May-2004, 08:55
My parents call me Nghi and so does everyone else. I'm a second-year medical student at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. Before moving to San Francisco for medical school I lived in Orange County with my parents. I started with an old 35mm Minolta XG-7 and a 50mm lens back in 1996. I made the move to a Mamiya RZ67II a few years ago and to LF very recently. My subjects are natural and urban landscapes, architecture, and things in the macro range.

Curtis Nelson
5-May-2004, 09:17
My name is Curtis Nelson. I live and work in beautiful Utah Co., Utah. I've been interested in photography for 23 years (started with a Chinon CM4), but only started shooting 4x5 about 2 years ago. I shoot mainly b&w landscapes, but I'm going to try my hand at architecture (old buildings) soon. In the couple of years I've been at it, I have maybe 3 prints I'm proud of : )

5-May-2004, 09:20
1) The old man who built that ugly barn. 2) Right next door to that ugly barn. 3) Deer, woodchucks, and anyone who gets too close to my tractor! Never shot an "amateur" though. Must need a special license for that?

Oh, ummm, you mean with a camera...

Sorry, just couldn't resist... Even though it may be true ;-)

Name's Rich. I live about 40 miles South of Rochester, NY, USA. I started seriously with photography a good 35+ years ago in 35mm. Still use my Minolta XK's because noone's come out with anything better! Moved to 4x5 a few years ago with Graflex Crown, Speed and View cameras. Did 8x10 a year or two ago with a Burke & James Commercial View. nice but heavy. Finally got a Century Universal 8x10 last year. It's now "my camera" and all I need. I prefer B&W in landscapes, old buildings and macro when I have the patience. Deffinitely an amateur and am trademarking the phrase "I am not a photographer" ;-)

Jan Van Hove
5-May-2004, 09:27
The name 's Van Hove, Jan Van Hove...

I live In Quebec city, Canada (for a few more months, then, when I'm done with my Ph.D., I'm leaving for anywhere in Europe I find a job...)

I shoot mostly with a Hasselblad, but I use more and more my 4x5 Busch-Pressman D, and I'm starting on a ULF project that will take me on a strange journey, i think... I shoot mostly nudes.

You can (if you want, nobody's forcing you...) see my work on my website at www.janvanhove.com ...

Ole Tjugen
5-May-2004, 10:11
Ole Tjugen, in Bergen, Norway.

I shoot B&W film in an increasing range of sizes: 9x12cm Voigtländer Bergheil, 4x5" Linhof Color, 5x7" Linhof Technika, and I'm in the process of aquiring a 18x24cm wooden "Reisekamera". I'll shoot anything that doesn't move.

Donald Miller
5-May-2004, 10:34
Donald Miller Wichita, Kansas

I photograph with large format 4X5, 8X10, and 12X20 formats. I began with scenic landscapes and have more recently moved into abstract.

Bobby Black
5-May-2004, 10:41
My name is Bobby Black and I live in Long Beach, California. While I do shoot 35mm for my job occasionally (PR publicist/writer), I pretty much only shoot 4X5 B&W landscapes -- it's the only type of photgraphy I've ever really wanted to do. Right now, I'm using a stripped-down Super Graphic w/tmax readyloads and top fave places to shoot include the eastern Sierra and the shifting tide pools at local beaches. The big project right now is to learn more about mountaineering/rock climbing so I can get a bit further off the beaten path to shoot.

Long live large format and I hope to be doing it 'til the day I die.

Andrew O'Neill
5-May-2004, 11:05
Andrew O'Neill, in Coquitlam, BC, Canada (near Vancouver)

....before that I lived 12 years in Japan. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is in Japan where I got into photography. So, I've been doing if for 13 years. I use an 8x10 Canham LW and also shoot 4x5 with a reduction back. I shoot only B/W (HP5+). I'm interested in anything old with a history also erroded hills along the Thompson River near Kamloops, BC. I'm an amateur. I do it for pure enjoyment. I am planning to go back to Japan in December for a little showing of my work for a coal mining club in the town of Omuta. Of course I'll take some more photos of the old mining buildings there. The last mine closed down in '97. This city went from a century of prosperity to disparity over night. I photographed there for about 5 years. I donated a portfolio to the city for giving me access to all these lovely old buildings (some are over 100 years old). They even gave me a key! Not to the city but to the sites! I should add that I am a high school art teacher. I also teach Japanese.

Brian Schall
5-May-2004, 11:10
My name is Brian Schall and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Moved here 6 years ago from Fort Myers, Florida. Went from 100% humidity and sea level to 10% humidity and 5200 feet above sea level. Big change.

I have a complete Nikon AF system (which rarely gets used), an old Konica AR system (great lenses), a couple of recently acquired old Minolta rangefinders (fun cameras with great lenses), a Bronica SQA system (my camera of choice), and a recently acquired Busch Pressman D (want to get into 4X5). I shoot very little due to a 4 year old daughter and a 18 month old son, which takes up most of my time (and at age 52 most of my energy).

I shoot mostly B&W, nature/landscapes. I have a degree in Forestry and Wildlife. I've always been drawn to nature, so why not in my photography.

Computers should be used for typing, not for photography. Just old fashion I guess.

5-May-2004, 11:17

I'm Huib


Anything worth to spend a readyload on..


5-May-2004, 11:22
john nanian in warwick rhode island. i have been doing large format for about 16 years.

i use 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 formats, and i am kind of all over the map when it comes down to what i shoot. i make portraits both studio & location/photojournalistic/documentary portraits of people "at work" and record their workplace. i also do documentary images for the historic american building survey ( habs/haer ).

Matt Miller
5-May-2004, 11:37
Matt Miller in Cambridge, Iowa. I use a Holga and an 8x10 Korona. I recently purchased a Kodak Medalist and am rolling my own 620. That 100 Ektar is a damn sharp lens. I shoot lots of different things. I've been taking lots of photographs in my garage lately.

Steve J Murray
5-May-2004, 11:51
Steve Murray, St. Paul, MN (anyone else from around here? hey,contact me) I shoot 35,120 and 4x5. Started using 4x5 in 1972 for more detail. I like to shoot "natural" portraits, landscape, abstract. I usually process sheets in trays and I like to make my own developers. Just got a used Jobo 2500 tank and stuff to play with. Couldn't pass up a bargain.

Scott Rosenberg
5-May-2004, 13:06
jane - excellent idea for a thread!

scott rosenberg

dallas, texas by way of:

fort laurderdale, florida

austin, texas

gainesville, florida

sunnyvale, california

west palm beach, florida

started with a canon ae1 my dad gave me, moved through various 35mm systems to an old 120 system, to tech IV. i currently shoot the technika or a yashica t4. wonderful scenics are not easy to come by in the big-d, but that's what i enjoy shooting.

Kevin M Bourque
5-May-2004, 13:12
I'm in Charleston, SC, home of the Humidity Festival and the giant mutant cockroach. I shoot beer cans and tree stumps (aka found objects and landscapes).

Scott Walton
5-May-2004, 14:33
Scott Walton and I live north of Boston, MA. I shoot people and products for work but B/W and color (prefer my 4x5) scenics and drift wood and swamp stumps and studio flowers when the weather is bad...when I need to "recharge my batteries". Brian, from above post, and I went to Tent Rocks and I think I saw heaven... when I had to shoot in NM for a weekend. Hey Brian!!!

Jorge Gasteazoro
5-May-2004, 14:47
Jorge Gasteazoro, Juriquilla, Mèxico, shoot 8x10 and 12x20 landscape.

5-May-2004, 15:08
Ken Miller, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mostly landscapes, abstracts, and architecture with my 4x5. Everything done in-house.

Go Flames! We toasted the Cannucks and theWings - next up: SHARK! :-)

(for those not in the know, I'm talking about NHL Hockey)

tim o'brien
5-May-2004, 15:42
1) Who are you? tim o'brien but my maw calls me tim

2) Where do you live? in san jose (go sharks, calgary goes down in flames)

3) What do you shoot? a camera...

at things...

and people... a little 35, some 4x4, much more 6x6, 2x3 sheet, 3x4 sheet, 4x5 sheet, 96.4% B&W...

favorite cameras... Zorki 4, Yashica 44, ZI Nettar, Kalart Press 3x4, Speed graphic 4x5

favorite subjects... daughters, ocean beach scenery, architecture

process geek. software engineer

tim in san jose

MIke Sherck
5-May-2004, 16:07
My name is Mike Sherck, but everybody else calls me, "Hey, you: you're not supposed to be there!" I live in Elkhart, Indiana. I mostly shoot 4x5 using an old B&J 5x7 with a 4x5 back, mostly B&W. I'd love to go to 8x10 but can't afford one. Still have a 35mm Minolta that gets used very occasionally. The Mamiya 645 is broken and I have no strong urge to get it fixed.


Graeme Hird
5-May-2004, 17:13
My name is Graeme Hird, but nobody calls me .......

I live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

I shoot local historic relicts and landscapes, and when I travel, I mainly work on landscapes. I have two jobs: I am a geologist working in 3D computer modelling for a gold mine and I own a gallery in town selling my photographs (called "Scene by Hird", www.scenebyhird.com if you're interested).

I prefer shooting with 5x4 velvia, but I also photograph the local horse races using 35mm Nikon gear.



Kevin Chittenden
5-May-2004, 17:39
1) Kevin Chittenden

2) Springfield, Missouri Queen City of the Ozarks

3) Polaroid Transfers on a Zone VI

George Stewart
5-May-2004, 17:40
My name is George Stewart and I'm from Port Jefferson, New York.

I shoot everything from 35mm (Contax, Nikon, Leica) to MF (Pentax) to LF (Wisner 4x5 as well as Canham 4x10 & 8x10).


Diane Maher
5-May-2004, 18:07
My name is Diane Maher. I live near St. Louis, Missouri. I shoot 35, 6x7, 4x5 and 8x10. I shoot landscapes most of the time and I also like to shoot IR. (I'd love to shoot some 8x10 IR!) I'm hoping to try some alt-process printing this summer.


Steve Baggett
5-May-2004, 18:37
My current alias is 'Steve', but my real name is Kaiser Soze. I currently live in Memphis. I shoot anyone who crosses me, including their friends, family members, and even people who owe them money. Photographically, I shoot flowers and "intimate" landscapes, with an occasional building thrown in. I'm dropping out of sight now, and you will never hear from me again.

5-May-2004, 19:07


from Singapore

shoots anything that moves / doesn't moves

current fav model is Cheddar : )


Rick Magus
5-May-2004, 19:39
1.) Rick Magus

2.) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

3.) Landscapes, Outdoors, travel pics.. 8x10 B&J, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 Gandolfi (4x5 reducer back) 4x5 Gowland Pocket View, Rolleiflex 2.8C, Leica SLR's and M's and in process of restoring a 5x7 Korona. :-)

5-May-2004, 20:30
1) Who are you?

Eric Boutilier-Brown

2) Where do you live?

Moncton, New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. And on the internet at www.evolvingbeauty.com

3) What do you shoot?

Mostly black and white Nudes and military architecture. I work with a Zone VI Ultralight 8x10 camera with 150mm, 300mm and 450mm lens, and a Canon EOS 10D for work when the 8x10 is not practical.

Frank Petronio
5-May-2004, 20:31
1) See below

2) Rochester, NY

3) Everything! anything!

Mike Lewis
5-May-2004, 20:40
1) Mike Lewis

2) I live in Maryland

3) Amateur. I shoot landscapes, mainly when I'm traveling outside of Maryland. I use a Linhof Technika V and Provia 100F film. I had a Yashica T4 like Scott but I accidentally ran it through the washing machine.....sigh....

Christian Olivet
5-May-2004, 20:44
Christian Olivet Live on Maui, Hawaii. Shoot only 8x10 negatives in black and white

Tony Karnezis
5-May-2004, 20:49
Tony Karnezis here. I'm doing my residency training in Pathology at the University of California in San Francisco. When I can, I like shooting patterns, textures, abstracts, landscapes, and macro work with a Shen-Hao 4x5 (color) or a recently acquired Bender 8x10 for B&W contact prints. When not using LF, I have an EOS 10D. It's so simple to use but it has made me lazy, so I love getting back under the dark cloth.

David A. Goldfarb
5-May-2004, 20:52
David A. Goldfarb

New York, New York

Landscapes, architecture, portraits, birds and a few other things occasionally


Jim Rice
5-May-2004, 21:28
uh......Jim Rice

Madison, Mississippi 39110

urban landscapes, as a rule.

paul miller
5-May-2004, 21:35
i am paul miller, and I make many posts that I later regret, because I do not know that much but I get really excited and try to post stuff anyway. I am a music theory ph.d. student in rochester at the eastman school. I use Toyo 45aII and canon 10d. Someday I would love to do something crazy like 7x17. I prefer black and white because it is less expensive and because I am kind of color blind. I prefer landscapes, because they don't move around so much. But I also like photographing people with the 10d, because it is fun and inexpensive, and usually people seem to like it.

5-May-2004, 22:41
1) Who are you? Amatuer photographer using 4x5 Shen-Hao camera, black and white and some color.

2) Where do you live? Bend, Oregon via Portland,OR via Chicago,IL

3) What do you shoot? Primarily landscapes of the natural environment, occasionaly honing in on humankinds impact on our environment. I enjoy hiking into the landscape with camera gear in tow, getting away from most people and hustle of city life to better focus in on my subject. Moving recently to Central Oregon means I have plenty of subject matter within easy reach.

Paul Moshay
6-May-2004, 00:23
Hi all, I am Paul Moshay and I reside in Los Angeles, CA. I have been interested in photography since the sixth grade, 1946, and have gone from weddings and family work to my own studio in Van Nuys that specializes in the reproduction of fine art, paintings and sculpture, for artists, galleries and museums. In my work I use 35mm, 4x5 and 8x10, in transparencies and negatives. For my personal work, the mind saving kind, I enjoy landscape and architecture in B&W. I use my Wisner Tech field 4x5 and tray process with PMK Pyro. I print in my super darkroom built in half my garage and airconditioned 24/7 to 68 degrees, pure heaven!

David R Munson
6-May-2004, 00:50
1) I am David Remington Munson. Friends call me Dave, Fugazi Dave, Bulldog, and Munsey. The titles on my business cards read things like Media Cowboy, Andy Warhol's ghost, Degenerate Punk, Freelance Nonconformist, and Übermensch. I am 22 years old and have been flat out nuts from day one - and I consider it a good thing.

2) Currently of Chicago, IL, formerly of Columbia, MO, Athens, OH, Chesterland, OH, Northampton, MA, Williamsburg, MA, Lubbock, TX, and briefly Washington DC.

3) What don't I shoot? Right now I'm mostly doing street shooting and abstract, but over the last 9 or 10 years I've done just about any type of photography you could think of. Portrait, product, editorial, landscape, fashion, etc. I live visually - shooting reflects my state of mind.

Tom Jones
6-May-2004, 03:04
Tom Jones. Born, raised and never left So. Cal. Crestline now to be exact. (REAL close to last years' Old Fire). Canon mostly. Started with an FT, went to an A1 and F1. Picked up a digital G3 last year that's just amazing. It's smarter than I am... I just started LF with a 4x5 Wista I picked up from my brother a couple of months ago. Landscape is the plan with the Wista as soon as I figure out how to use the thing.

I started with a few snapshots when I was a kid. Lots of sportscar races when I was in school in San Diego. Lots of air-to-air, some air-to-ground, and lots of airshow photography.

Photomicrography, too. I have an Olympus microscope with either a Nikon F2 or the G3 mounted to photograph abnormal human blood and fluid cells for teaching purposes. (I work in a hospital lab for a living.)

Get the impression I can't decide what I want to do? Me, too.

Mostly now I'm trying to slow down, and learn how to do this LF thing right. If nothing else, I figure if I try enough different stuff, I'm bound by random chance to eventually do something reasonably well!!

Oh, yeah. No. I don't sing.

jose angel
6-May-2004, 03:37
Jose Angel from Spain. I shoot all the things I would like to see around me for all the time.

I started shooting 4x5" about 8? years ago. Sometimes I use up to the 8x10" format. Actually, I´m working decorating a traditional restaurant with 16x16" b/w images of the northern spanish aspects, using a 6x6 format camera. Beaches, cow farms, fishing boats, forests... I like to print it in my own darkroom.

I´m an absolutely amateur, but this is the most important activity in my life.

Glad to meet you,

Luís Pereira Ribeiro
6-May-2004, 05:05
Luís Pereira Ribeiro, FM2, Hasselblad, Sinar 4X5,

I'm from Portugal - the little rectangule in the Western point of Europe(this may be lost in translation)

Although I live in one of the european countries with the highest average of sun light hours, I shoot mostly at night, with no flash. B&W, ekta

Philippe Bedfert
6-May-2004, 08:24
Hello Jane,

I'm Philippe Bedfert from France. I live 50 km south of Paris. I shoot mostly landscape in BW 4 x 5.

Ron Bose
6-May-2004, 08:35
Name: Ron Bose

Gear: Mamiya 7II, Linhof TK45S and Ansco (8x10)

Southern Ontario, Canada for the last seven years, before that London, UK.

Shoot: City scenics, tree trunks, churches and anything else that looks cool ...

Graeme Hird: ever been to Karatha ?

Kirk Keyes
6-May-2004, 10:10
1) Who are you? Kirk Keyes 2) Where do you live? Portland, Oregon, USA - born and raised here.

3) What do you shoot? Landscapes - I enjoy shooting the West - Cascade Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Rockies, Great Basin, Eastern Sierras - mostly focusing on Oregon and Utah though. You may see some of my photos at www.keyesphoto.com

I use a Linhof Technika IV that is about 1 year older than I am. I shoot both color and black and white films. After using 35 mm in high school, I mentioned to a friend that cameras that used large film existed, and he said his father had an old 4x5 in the closet, a Technika IV. So I borrowed it and I was hooked. I've also dabbled in 8x10 (Improved Seneca View, ca. 1918) as well as with a RB67, but I find for me the 4x5 is the best compromise in function vs. performance for landscapes.

I also have a Minolta X-700 that I bought in 1981 as my first camera. I use it mostly now (along with a Nikon 990 digital) for documenting my father's vintage Lotus 30 sports racing car. Which brings up my other big, time-consuming hobby - I have a web site that I run that is devoted to preserving the history of these cars - www.lotus30.com


6-May-2004, 11:03
my name is triblett lungre-thurd.

cherokee-lumbee extraction, scottish too. i'm 6'0, 180lbs, i like long walks and smoking dope. i ride a dirtbike and drive a truck and survive on camel cigarettes, coke classic and little debbie snack cakes. i kick some ass but seldom take names. i live in oklahoma and am fairly surrounded by evangelical consveratives and i hate it... i mean i hate them, rather, not the land of my birth. it's pretty and photographically unmolested. not unlike me.

my favorite band is the clash, no wait it's the pixies, no wait... it's ac/dc.

no, it's super furry animals. okay, so i don't have a favorite band.

and george jones,


p.s. i like him too. and charlie feathers and neil young and billy bragg and wilco and lots of other stuff too. 35mm-8x10.

6-May-2004, 12:33
My name is Lee Carmichael and I can't quit making photographs. Attended Mass College of Art 35 years ago. I shoot 4x5 5x7 and 8x10. Live in Ft Worth, TX. Oh yeah, I have a Holga too. Cowboy portraits and interiors and learning to be a landscape guy.


Graeme Hird
6-May-2004, 17:35
Rone Bose: No, I haven't been to Karratha. Have you been to Saskatoon?

Before this gets out of hand, I concede - you've got more towns within 2500km than I have. :-)

Bill Jefferson
7-May-2004, 05:50
Hi Jane, Bill Jefferson, live in Vermont, Work in Waltham, Mass. Polaroid Corp. YES comute daily 165 miles one way. Shoot mostle Barns, Foliage, Landscapes (before they all disapear). Use, 4x5 and 8x10. Primarily Polaroid film, Sr. Evaluation Technician, so i use an average of 60 sheets 4x5 and 20 sheets 8x10 in work daily, also shoot, 35mm, 120, 2-1/4 x 3-1/4. Shoot some digital from the explorer when comuting,(got quite good at shooting at 65 mph). I keep an eye on this forem to help u guys out when i can.

Nick Morris
7-May-2004, 08:54
Hello Jane; I'm Nick Morris, 58, from Richmond Virginia, amatuer, though I have taken some assignments. I started with photography about 10 years ago, with 35mm (Pentax MX and ME Super) and 120 (Rollei TLR). About 7 years ago started using a 4x5 (Super Graphic). Two years ago I built a B&W darkroom in my home and started using an 8x10, exclusively. It was like starting over, but is the most personally rewarding approach I've experienced. I shoot people, places and things. For the most part, I try to respond to what I see as I go about the day to day of my life, but will get ideas that I will try to realize on film. For various reasons, W. Eugene Smith, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Harry Callahan, Nicholas Nixon, Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee;and Sally Mann are the photographers that have provided me with inspiration, as have a number of lesser known and unknown dedicated practionors. After using an Eastman 2D 8x10 for two years, I just got an old grey Ansco 8x10, with 3 backs - 8x10, and 5x7; 4x5 reduction backs. I have a small assortment of Dagor and Wollensak lenses for the Ansco. I'm glad to see the response to this posting, and would like to thank all the participants. It has been a great place to learn and share photographic experiences.

10-Jan-2005, 07:01
Sorry for being late ...

Maybe you´re still interested:

My name is Rainer Schoditsch.

I live in the very eastern province of Austria, called Burgenland, close to the Hungarian border. Oh Yes, Austria HAS provinces and is NOT a province of Germany itself! ;-)

I´m an amateur, that spends far too much money on photography, trying to become a semipro now to obtain some "Return on Investment" at last ...

Shooting: Arch, landscape, stills, people, anything else -

using digital, MF, 4x5" (Cambo and Linhof TK)