View Full Version : matt surface problem with ilford hp5+

Terence Falk
12-Feb-2013, 05:30
I have intermittently experienced a change in the surface of the base on Ilford HP5 4x5 film. Instead of it being very glossy, there appears to be an almost matte surface. Its very disconcerting. I will sometimes get a nice glossy base side, but more often get more of a matte look. The matte look can be uneven. The film is processed by hand in trays. I used to shoot TX and I never ever experienced this in 35 years. Both films are processed exactly the same way, exactly at 67 degrees. Same Sprint Stop and Sprint Fix. The one difference is that instead of d76 i am now using hc110 with the ilford film. This matte issue doesnt always happen. I am extremely careful and consistent with my processing over the past 40 years. Any ideas?

12-Feb-2013, 06:30
Simon Galley replied to you in the other thread (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/115475-film-base-problem-ilford-hp5-4x5.html) you made about the problem.