View Full Version : How to fit a Polaroid 545i back to Polaroid 600SE

12-Feb-2013, 03:30
Title says it all.

I have seem a lot of photos of Polaroid 600SE fitted with Polaroid 545i film back, and was thinking, that I would like to try that, looks neet.
So, I have a Polaroid 600SE (go figure), I know about film size and all, most of the drabacks, but would still like to try to fit a Polaroid 545i back to my camera. So, from what I have discovered, I should find either an adapter or modify 545i back. Don`t know much about it all, so if some questions look stupid to you, they look fine by me.

Option one:
1. original Polaroid 545i back har graflex back, right ?
2. If that is the case then I guess I would need a Mamiya G adapter (with split claws for Polaroid 600se), right ?

3. I brake apart one existing normal peel apart film back and only use a part with claws and fitting, and then somehow glue it to the 545i back, right ?

So my question is, if option 1 and 2 are a way to go, except a lot of money invested to get that stupidly expensive adapter, is that the way to go, simple clean and easy.


if number 3 is an option, where the hell can I find some "tutorial" or clues on how to do this, did any one of you tried that.

BTW: Did try to Google it, searched forums, there is a lot of info around, but just cant figure it out. So would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

12-Feb-2013, 09:00
Why? Are you striving for full 4X5 image capture. Are you attempting do this with the Press Lenses. 75, 127?

I don't think the opening in the back will be large enough for 4X5. I don't think the 127 will cover 4X5. The 75 will only cover 4X5 at infinity. The film plane will have to be at the identical location to the film plane of the OEM backs, because there is no body extension/collapse to cover, and which is the critical measurement as to why the body may not cover 4X5. ????

OTOH, if you still only want to cover roughly 3X4 on 4X5 sheet film because of the rangefinder, you might want to mill the body to accept a larger Graflock back and all the film back options that go with that. Even then, you have to keep the film plane the same location as the normal 600SE backs, for the lens focus helicals AND the rangefinder to calibrate to each other. Extensive project methinks.

I had for a while, a custom body with a Press front mount that took all the Mamiya Press shutter/lens combos, of which the only one that covered 4X5 was the 75mm lens built originally for Polaroid and then added into the Mamiya Press line of shutter/helicals. That camera had a Linhof Technika IV back, with Graflok and GG standard film holder viewing. No rangefinder however.

14-Feb-2013, 06:38
I know I will not have full coverage regardless of the lens. I will get bigger coverage then regular Polaroids will give. But that is not why I want to try it. I just want to try new things, and this one looks like fun to me.

People say I am supid, even my wife says I am way behind time, but I just like photography. Last week I was taking photos with a Polaroid land camera 350, and there was a lot of people just looking strange, at me first, but then I pulled a photo out and showed it to them, they just couldnt belive camera and technology is like 40 years old. Specialy young ones, the were poping their eyes out.