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  1. 4x5 Projector
  2. My rights as a photographer
  3. Methods for securing overmats
  4. Permission to use peoples images
  5. LF and Color (Cibachrome) Printing
  6. any method to stop the photobuyers scan or copy my work??
  7. dexter mat cutter
  8. How to protect framed prints from humidity
  9. disappointment with Ilfochrome prints
  10. seal drymount press
  11. Mounting Large Prints
  12. proper etiquette
  13. I need to know about what qualifications I need to get a job as a photographer
  14. Property releases needed for self-promo piece?
  15. FYI (property release info)
  16. Anti-reflection glass for framing
  17. Museum Glass / What Is It?
  18. Start up costs
  19. LF: do your viewers notice the difference ?
  20. OK to show the negative border on contact prints?
  21. Difference between 4x5 and 8x10 Colour prints.
  22. archival stability of color prints
  23. Do publishers like 8x10?
  24. Large prints from 4x5
  25. dry mounting prints
  26. signing /stamping photos
  27. Juried art shows
  28. Suggestions for turning a profit
  30. Dry mounting
  31. Large poster
  32. Mounting suggestions for LF Transparencies
  33. Alternative to Dry Mounting
  34. comparison of media for archival stability
  35. Cheap prints from 4x5 transparencies
  36. Private property/public domain?
  37. Taking Slides of Photos
  38. mount board material and fb paper curl
  39. How best to give/present a photo as a gift?
  40. Where can I get really good enlargments from 8x10?
  41. Digital Printing of Photographs
  42. What size is a 6-sheet poster?
  43. dry mounting non-hardened fiber base prints
  44. Printer for scanned negatives
  45. Where can I get my own posters made?
  46. Seal dry mount presses
  47. Mounting Fuji Crystal Archive to matt?
  48. Lightjet Printing
  49. Seal Product
  50. Photographic Grants ?
  51. Liability Concerns About Photographing Buildings
  52. Mounting/Framing Murals
  53. Background Wall for Hanging Photos
  54. Question on proper size of matt board for drymounting
  55. Tacking irons
  56. Rototrim paper cutters
  57. Dry Mounting Damage
  58. High End 20 X 30 prints from chromes? Who? Which?
  59. Flatbed vs drum scan
  60. print/frame sizes
  61. Photographing Artwork For A Gallery Submission...
  62. Cutting windows in mat boards
  63. Using Seal Dry Mounting press for laminating
  64. Using a"reveal" around an overmatted picture
  65. Nielson Frame quality question
  66. Better Price than Light Impressions?
  67. Suggestions for mat supplier in Europe
  68. Brown tone with Multigrade IV
  69. "Masterpiece" Blemishes--what to do?
  70. Custom Photo Services e-mail down?
  71. Backing boards for framing question
  72. 14 x 18 frame sources
  73. Dry Mount Procedure
  74. 5x7 contact prints
  75. Selenium Toning Dried Prints
  76. nuArc 26-1K exposure unit
  77. UV contact printer
  78. Matt Cutter, Which, Where
  79. Custom Usage Fees???
  80. Overall toning stain on print...
  81. Shipping matted/frammed prints
  82. Need Suggestions for Source for Archival Presentation (Portfolio) Books?
  83. Methods of presenting color work
  84. Dry Mount Problem
  85. Need Advice To Go Through This Horror
  86. large printing and displaying
  87. Non Buffered Matboard For Ilfochromes
  88. A Business Matter ... What Would You Do?
  89. Paper - Retouching Question
  90. tack iron
  91. Mounting Cibachromes on Aluminum
  92. Should I sue?
  93. Dry mounting
  94. Projecting 8x10 (or other LF) Transparencies?
  95. Web sites & personal print galleries - are they effective as sales outlets?
  96. Print Drying
  97. Print Dryers
  98. Presentation for 4"x5" proofs
  99. Mounting Photos
  100. Old B+W Photograph. Need Help Preserving It.
  101. Mounting advice
  102. Advice Need for Aspiring Photographer's Assistant
  103. how long leve pigment ink prints as the epson 2000p mades?
  104. Tacking Iron.. Whats the Temp Range?
  105. Mat Board Questions
  106. Dry mounting cibas vs c prints
  107. Drymounting problems
  108. Where can i show my work?
  109. Vertical banding with Epson 1270 on a 13X19 print.
  110. Format for an architectural portfolio
  111. Joseph Holmes website
  112. mount / mat question
  113. Nielsen colorwave finish frames
  114. stacks of old photos
  115. Mounting large prints
  116. Web site book recommendations
  117. dry mt press--cleaning
  118. UV light source thoughts
  119. OT: Custom cut metal frames
  120. Equipment Purchase From Hong Kong, by e-mail
  121. Printing portfolios, 3-part question
  122. Exhibiting Very Large framed art/photos - how to hang
  123. 4x5 trannie presentation sleeves - where to find a small one?
  124. Digital prints -- what paper do you use?
  125. Mounting, Framing Without Gass.....??
  126. LF Exhibits in London
  127. Canvas transfers vs. Inkjet on Canvas
  128. To hinge or not to hinge
  129. FW: Columnist writes about Federal guards stopping photographer
  130. Canadian stores stocking Pictorico OHP?
  131. how to display color 30x40s
  132. photographing in airplane graveyards
  133. Is Fred Newman the latest to be in the list?
  134. Is Spotone out of business?
  135. Epson 2200 and Hahnemuhle paper
  136. How to approach galleries?
  137. NPS permits in Arizona
  138. photo lacquers?
  139. applying wax to prints?
  140. Vac-U-Mount Properties
  141. releases for buildings
  142. Using Golf Club Carrier for Tripod
  143. Printing with the Canon i9100
  144. Sources for Extra Large Mats and Framing supplies
  145. Bayer commercial on TV
  146. Glossy vs Matte for prints ??
  147. Binding Photos in Book Form
  148. Anyone used brush-on Lyson print-guard for prints?
  149. what monitor for photo workflow ?
  150. frames
  151. cutting prints & dry mounting question
  152. what about philips 19" monitors. Need advices.
  153. How much $$ to charge for ad work?
  154. Permission to Photograph?
  155. Selling Your Work Online
  156. Photographs of flat art: copyright issues
  157. Canon i9900 vs Epson 2200
  158. Help to find a new lab in the Long Beach area (california)
  159. Homeland security blues
  160. List postings and copyright
  161. Print pricing and compensation agreements
  162. Things to know about a "commission"
  163. Back to back mounting on aluminum
  164. International copyright infringement
  165. Photographs of scultures and copyrights infringement
  166. Are there Epson 9600/7600 users in the group?
  167. How do I unframe a print?
  168. overlaminating color prints
  169. Using custom sizes with 9600
  170. Hassled by nosey private security guard.
  171. displaying prints with no glass-- latest results
  172. Looking for a wood and aluminum sectional frame --- Am I going nuts?
  173. Seeking mat cutter recommendations
  174. Publishing in photo magazines: Would you do it for fame?
  175. projecting images for an illustrated lecture
  176. mounting color photographs
  177. Question Re. Kodak Gear and Rotratrim Trimmers
  178. Effects of Epson printer's native resolution
  179. Matting prints
  180. New Website- How to Increase Traffic
  181. Calling all color photographers
  182. Carithers Signature Replacement Blades
  183. What's a collophon?
  184. Printing a title page
  185. Need guidance on taking the next step
  186. Making a photo book
  187. mounting material
  188. C&H Service
  189. Printing high quality books - printing process
  190. Photo Book Self publishing
  191. Portfolios: Nuts, Bolts, and Strategies
  192. Epson 4000 17x22 Cut Sheets
  193. Kodak 8500 Dye-Sub Printers
  194. LF Web sites
  195. Book printing and getting true colors
  196. large prints
  197. Proposed Fees at U.S. National Arboretum
  198. Advice needed about art festivals
  199. Cibachrome Classic Shortages and Substitutes
  200. Bob Salomon, the Heliopan trademark, and ebay
  201. mounting arches aquarelle paper
  202. candida hofer large mural prints
  203. Copyrights... It's all here if you can find it...
  204. Face-mounting Ultrachrome prints to plexi
  205. Who has a 72"Lightjet?
  206. Whoa-- check it out: Inkjet FOOD!!
  207. Show opening in Los Angeles this week
  208. Tintype questions ??
  209. More stuff you can't photograph?
  210. Large Format printing in London
  211. Printers
  212. platinum printing
  213. ring hangers
  214. how are you framing your prints?
  215. pens for signing photographs
  216. Signing prints-- what was the recent thread?
  217. Printers and Postcards II
  218. Seeking feedback on HP DesignJet 130
  219. Going into the photography business!
  220. 13X19 Photo display
  221. Outgassing Problems
  222. 8x10 prints
  223. Need Seal 210M manual
  224. What's the latest in printing technology?
  225. Laser printer suggestions
  226. Printer and Ink Costs
  227. International orders problem
  228. Pricing pic for web site use
  229. Old Photos & copyright
  230. Logan matt cutters, which model?
  231. Internet Use Pricing
  232. inkjet recommendation (EpsonR1800 vs Canon i9900)?
  233. Next Generation Epson Printers
  234. Copyright infringement?
  235. B&W Printing with New Epson Printers
  236. Coatings for Inkjet Prints
  237. Print prices.
  238. Scanner for Gallery Submission & Making 8x10 Negs
  239. scanner for 6x9 and 4x5
  240. Publishing/ Exhibiting
  241. Printers and Ink
  242. what kind of glass?
  243. Postscript and RIPs
  244. Jones Root Beer labels...???
  245. Hassled by The Man?
  246. printing from 4x5 black and white negatives
  247. Scotch Mounting Adhesive Rolls
  248. Establishing standardized print shipping methods
  249. Initial Submissions of Photos as JPEGS on CD OK?
  250. signing your finished prints