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  1. New Ebay policy of the week - partial refunds
  2. PDN: The Future of Film
  3. Ebay extends refund period for buyers
  4. Framing fine art
  5. Pro printers...do you save any prints?
  6. Designing an effective personal photo website?
  7. Photo website CMS software or SAAS solution that leaves images intact?
  8. Street show observations, this past weekend.
  9. Selling own prints on own site
  10. Chinese bought my alternative domain and now they have very high search results !!!?
  11. dwolla
  12. URGENT: Need advice on Rights to a Photograph taken from a commercial establishment
  13. Celluloid no more: distribution of film to cease by 2013 in the US
  14. Advertising beyond US market
  15. Advice for using Foliobook on the iPad
  16. Birthday greetings
  17. Google Listing
  18. Yet another silly question about signing prints
  19. Apple and Google go head-to-head over Kodak patent sale
  20. LF Color Images of DC Wanted
  21. Licensing a photo to an screen printer-any thoughts?
  22. Stock photos...is it worthwhile?
  23. Does anyone here have experience shipping large, unmounted prints to China?
  24. Kodak announces plans to sell consumer film division
  25. Odd pattern in exhibition sales......
  26. save Kodak - campaign to keep kodak film alive
  27. In light of the Kodak situation, a bit of history.
  28. WordPress Themes
  29. Software for Professional Photographers
  30. These portable credit-card processing doohickeys Square, Intuit whatchamacallit, etc.
  31. Need an experienced Tumblr geek to customize a theme
  32. Fee for image use on personalized wallpaper...
  33. Fotoquote Pro 6
  34. All these web referrals from Russian sites?
  35. Lens for Holga 120 Pan conversion
  36. Print Display Racks
  37. Questions for who had their works displayed in galleries.
  38. How to display keywords in Google Analytics's dashboard?
  39. New Version of my "A Photo Folio" HTML 5 Website
  40. Do you SEO?
  41. Purchasing on Ebay
  42. Profits at HARMAN Technology / Ilford are on the rise
  43. Just wanted to share my new website..
  44. Postcard printing
  45. What would you do?
  46. corporate art who do you contact?
  47. Post clean up -- Comments on web site (Richard Mahoney)
  48. Looking for anti reflection acrylic
  49. Prepping for show.
  50. Prepping for show.
  51. importing from U.S
  52. Short Run, High Quality Art Book Printing?
  53. Gallery Promotion ?
  54. Ebay - Think this seller is a happy puppy?
  55. Kodak Patents bought?
  56. L&I photo lab NYC
  57. Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos
  58. Good Postcards, Bad postcards
  59. Anyone try "print on demand" books or trad book publishing?
  60. some feedback on a printing service called printafewthings.com
  61. how to get a LF photography assistant job?
  62. Product Sponsorship: What Is the Standard?
  63. Right to photograph buildings
  64. folio cover
  65. Freelance travel photography??
  66. Framing
  67. Minnesota DOR says: "Don't use TurboTax"
  68. Question about street photography and insurance
  69. Film is alive and well in the north west!
  70. my new site
  71. Ghostmaster now "Open Source"
  72. A short write-up and interview
  73. Copyright Guide- free download
  74. Social Media & Protecting Your Copyrights
  75. Assistant job in NYC
  76. Something NEW from ebay?
  77. UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now
  78. B&H Customer Product Reviews
  79. Kodak Shows First Quarterly Profit Since 2010
  80. 4k 8k Ultra HDTV for photographers?
  81. When is the copyright date?
  82. Ebay and protecting people infringing copyright - my story
  83. Need advice on website programs
  84. Large format and Polaroid pictures expected to sell at auction for...
  85. MADNESS IN FRANCE! Express Mail parcel held for almost 3 weeks in customs....
  86. Photographer Abuse
  87. Chicago sun times gets rid of all photo staff
  88. Affordable prints?
  89. Esto es la respuesta, no se que esto de topic,jejejee
  90. The last batch of 8x10 Velvia 50
  91. Camera gear registry, what do you think?
  92. As If Ebay Isn't Bad Enough
  93. Deed of Gift and retaining my copyright interest as creator for a museum donation?
  94. License for Advertising
  95. Biography...should it mention setbacks?
  96. RIP Ilford Imaging
  97. Adding personal views on the back of a photo...acceptable or not?
  98. What is going on at Flicker?
  99. Ilford Imaging(Swiss) going belly up
  100. Optical Rangefinder
  101. Fotoman Professional - We're still here
  102. Estimating Programs
  103. What 5 or 6 programs can you not live with out on your iMac or PC?
  104. Shipping options
  105. Large Format on Ebay?
  106. Kodak to exit bankruptcy
  107. Shipping from Canada to Qatar
  108. Photography on BLM. FWS, and NPS Lands
  109. WebSite Upgrade
  110. Elevator Open House
  111. Help to formulate a legally binding Contract for mutual benefit...
  112. My bizz web sites and Folios
  113. Really tacky!
  114. LF photographer in NYC ? any?
  115. To those who have won photo competitions before
  116. Ilford Factory Tour report November 2013
  117. Re: limiting on-line exposure.
  118. Exhibit Rental Fee
  119. Galleries that maintain a permanent collection
  120. Light Impressions
  121. How to get paid form work
  122. Print Pricing (thread closed)
  123. drum for crosfield celsis 240 / Howtek 4500 wanted
  124. Print Pricing
  125. Gallery/studio insurance?
  126. Track lighting suggestions?
  127. large Format Bellows
  128. Would you like help with making an artists' book and placing them?
  129. Images for book to be published
  130. Advice for getting galleries interested an installation
  131. Web host question
  132. HABS/HAER Photography-new site
  133. Mail-order frame source? Pre-built?
  134. Source for Heavy Duty Print Shipping Case...
  135. Help with Wordpress image galleries!
  136. Nom & Jelly's 8x10 View Camera Project
  137. Advice on how to price my 11x14 Ambrotypes and Ferrotypes
  138. Feeler: Any interest in self-printing and scanning service?
  139. favorite wordpress skin for your work and words ?
  140. Onyx 24x30 Portfolio cases (Any interest)
  141. Feeler: How many people might be interested in an outdoor art fair?
  142. Getty Images
  143. Amazon CreatSpace vs Blurb and others.
  144. Attractive Display racks--do they exist?
  145. Problem at Really Big Cameras?
  146. Reasonably priced printers?
  147. Advanced daylight tank for sheet film - survey
  148. plastic envelopes or shrink wrapping--matted images
  149. to "opening" or not to "opening"?
  150. Expense and depreciation tracking software?
  151. TV to display still images? 4k?
  152. Water white glass--cost?
  153. Newspaper Recognition-Photo/Photographer
  154. Stop by and copy my images?
  155. ADOBE is on the run, failed at subscribtion
  156. After Calumet
  157. A place to buy film in Chicago IL
  158. Watermarks
  159. Making a Living from Photography
  160. Film Photography Retreat
  161. Equipment / Business insurance?
  162. Can I edition a portfolio but not edition the prints inside the portfolio?
  163. Unreasonable Fee?
  164. Renting out darkroom?
  165. Printable compact large format camera system
  166. Need plastic display envelopes or packaging for 5x7 prints...
  167. Wallpaper!
  168. Selling prints, preparation, dry mounting?, pricing....
  169. Is Richard Ritter still making cameras?
  170. Help in Selling used Equipment
  171. Gallery Scams
  172. Do photo clubs need insurance, incorporation?
  173. FOTOMOTO printing service?
  174. Creative Commons license use
  175. Using my large format image for book cover.
  176. Medium Festival worth it?
  177. No Monkey Copyright says the Feds
  178. .photo Domain Name
  179. Want a gallery space or studio space in Half Moon Bay, California?
  180. Insurance Value of Prints?
  181. Forest Service: New Regulation/Fines?
  182. "leading Ansel Adams away in handcuffs"
  183. stock agency
  184. Thanksgiving Special for Large Format Forum Members
  185. Artist Resale Royalties (aka ‘Droit de Suite’)
  186. Sotheby's institute of art
  187. "Editions": A way to limit yourself and your overall marketability in general?
  188. How does Linhof manage to stay in business?
  189. Gallery Shows
  190. Business VS Art for Art's sake
  191. Preventing foreign buyers on Ebay - good luck
  192. Instagram? For people like us?
  193. Email tag on images for copyright and notification of owner
  194. Ebay seller using copyrighted Book pictures
  195. I Got an Offer I Could Refuse
  196. Ebay china Question
  197. Kodak/Hollywood film commitment
  198. Zazzle Anyone?
  199. Realities of ordering camera from Japan & ship to US
  200. Poll: Tmax400 (TMY-2) vs Tri-X Pro (320TXP), which do you favor more?
  201. Copyright - Book with writing & photos (US)
  202. New IRS rules for those of you that do your own tax returns.
  203. NYT Mobile edition Today KODAK news opinion.
  204. Book Cover
  205. Another store bites the dust
  206. Why is everything we write republished without attribution????
  207. Shooting 4x5 for an architect.
  208. LF Stock
  209. Is LF film available at retail ANYWGERE in Houston
  210. DMCA Takedown Notice, Facebook?
  211. camera clubs ---what do you do for displays?
  212. Great tips on writing grants
  213. Do you blog?
  214. Model Release...Yes or No?
  215. Selling prints online
  216. first time at a show in years, and could use some advice
  217. Feasability of selling Impossible Project 8x10 prints on the street?
  218. Revenues from a potential photo shooting site
  219. eBay and PayPal alternatives?
  220. I need help: Selling or licensing digital files
  221. Harman Technology Purchased
  222. Word of caution regarding PayPal
  223. Does anyone know who "owns" the defunct tradenames of........
  224. Shipping to countries with known mail fraud - Paypal enabling
  225. Shipping to Canada?
  226. Monkey owns Selfie Copyright!
  227. B&H Photo workers start drive to unionize
  228. PhotoPlus Expo 2015
  229. Question on usage--Shrink wrapping or other packaging
  230. Postal Weigh Scales for Framed Photos
  231. KEH has been picked over?
  232. Is it OK to use material from the 1940's and 50's in my book?
  233. Rankings Analytics
  234. Lf gov't job opening (UPDATE: it's been filled!)
  235. I Need A Simple Model Release Form
  236. How buyers determine your Reserve amount on Ebay
  237. Bel Air Camera to close after decades in business
  238. Anyone ever apply for a Gugenheim or Siskind Fellowship?
  239. Can one be a pro landscape photographer anymore?
  240. Best portfolio app for iPad?
  241. Post Office Money Machine
  242. Small photobooks like Apple used to make?
  243. If I build it, will they come?
  244. Olditmers... placing your archives with a final repository?
  245. Help me choose title for National Parks book
  246. How many daily page views does your site / blog get?
  247. phototherm website is gone?
  248. Photography Portfolios & Client Online Galleries Questions
  249. Hollywood Camera in Portland OR moved/closed?
  250. Returning purchases to Japan/China