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  1. Curious about creation of a custom filter adapter, what it would take
  2. Is Schneider 58mm XL OK with center filter 3c?
  3. Focusing range of Goerz Dagor 305mm 6.8 for portraits?
  4. FUJINON W 125mm F/5.6 EBC Lens
  5. Adjustable Spacing in Jamin Darlot Petzval Lenses
  6. Preview lever stuck?
  7. 203mm f7.7 lenses and shutters?
  8. Spreadsheet of Schneider Vintage Lens Data
  9. Problems with sun flare
  10. Looking for a brass 8x10 barrel style lens with either rotating aperture or iris
  11. Cannot unmount front element from Sinar CMV Mount
  12. Projector lenses on 4x5 ?
  13. My new old Ektar lens
  14. Stress of Buying Lenses - Sight Unseen / Reputation
  15. Aperture scale on Isconar 180
  16. 450mm lens with 420mm bellows draw?
  17. Any information on the Holterman and Bayliss Plates - Lens that was used???
  18. Current sources for having a lens flange made?
  19. Layout of a Morrison Leukoscope lens?
  20. The Mystery of Dad's Nikkor-W 210m f5.6
  21. Removing a 21" Kodak Ektanon from a Prism
  22. What Did I Buy?
  23. Identification of a brass Magic lantern lens
  24. Seeking Advice For Shutter on Vintage Lenses
  25. Front element filter size on Kodak Portrait 305mm F4.8 lens?
  26. Can you mount any 4x5 lenses in shutters from folding cameras?
  27. Mystery Goerz lens?
  28. Malfunctioning No. 4 Acme Synchro Shutter
  29. Steinheil Orthostigmat 210m f/4.5 now in a Compound IV shutter
  30. Friedo Wiesenhavern, Hamburg, F8 Effwee Aplanat Extra Rapid Lens?
  31. Mounting #5 Shutter in linhof type board
  32. LW Kranz Lens
  33. Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen
  34. 8x10 Macro Photography lens Question
  35. Schneideritis?
  36. A bit stuck (literally) on how to proceed taking apart this Liesegang Lens
  37. F stop not as indicated? - advice on f6-384 Rapid Aplanat No.3 Ser.D.F.8 needed
  38. 31.15mm Threads?
  39. How to decide for a set of three lenses for a Linhof Technika IV
  40. Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar 105mm f/2.8: OK for 4x5 at close range?
  41. Focusing Issues with Nikkor T-ED 360/500/720 lens?
  42. What to think of edge separation of old Petzval lens?
  43. "The big two" - Please tell me about your japanese lenses!
  44. Doppel Anastigmat Symmar f:6.8
  45. Nikkor 900mm f9 question
  46. How different are Tessars from different companies?
  47. Two Schneider-Kreuznach MAKRO SYMMAR HM 120mm lenses with different back elements.
  48. Dallmeyer or Vitax diffuse focus in action?
  49. Multicoating on a lens
  50. Copal 0 lens repair question - index ring turns?
  51. Rodenstock Imagon 22cm/4 Kunstler Portratobjektiv
  52. Copal 3 Shutter Anomaly?
  53. Graflex PH47 with AE 178
  54. Lens Not Focusing, What is the Cause?
  55. Schneider-Kreuznach misprint
  56. Super Symmar XL 110 information
  57. Eastman Portrait f-5 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 11.5 inch
  58. petzval like lens for my 8x10 Bernard
  59. Head and Shoulder Portrait Lens for 11x14 Camera
  60. Early Petzval stop location
  61. What kind of lens is this Steinheil in Munchen?
  62. Very rich historical lens diagram resource and additional materials
  63. Recommendations for a general purpose lens for a Calumet 4x5?
  64. Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?
  65. Xenotar 150mm/2.8 cap sizes?
  66. Paint 'balded' or coating peeling inside the lens ...
  67. 100mm filters
  68. Any potentially deletrious effects of having grease/oil in close proximity to a lens?
  69. Culling the Lens Herd - Reducing duplication
  70. Strategies in Cold - During and After Shoot
  71. Share your Eurygon examples
  72. Has there ever been a retrofocus wide that covers 4x5/9x12 or larger?
  73. Alternative to the Schneider Xenotar 150mm F2.8 for 4x5?
  74. Schneider 58mm XL datasheet
  75. Will a Projector Lens Work on a View Camera?
  76. Can you diagnose this patchy look of the lens?
  77. Combining two Petzvals, would it make sense?
  78. What kind of lens has aperture scale in mm?
  79. Infinity or Hyper Focal?
  80. Lens questions from a new 4x5 shooter
  81. Thoughts About Nikkor SW 75mm F4.5 on Linhof Master Technika?
  82. Which lens next?
  83. Shutter size interchangeable?
  84. Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements
  85. Ilex Photoplastic, any pictures?
  86. Photos From Nikkor 360/500/720?
  87. Process lens image circle nature
  88. Lens board too thin
  89. What is written on Photoplastic normal rear element?
  90. Graphic Kowa 150mm F4.5 - any information?
  91. Which shutter-speed is park-position when not in use?
  92. Thoughts About Schneider 240mm f/5.5 Tele Arton in Compur 0 Shutter?
  93. Easy Testing Used LF Lenses?
  94. Biggest Sinar board opening you have seen
  95. Some tests rank-ordering a variety of classic and modern LF lenses
  96. Krauss Quatryl
  97. Distance markings for lenses for field camaras. Is it a reason to buy those FL?
  98. Using slide-in filters mounted on lens
  99. Camera lens compatibility
  100. What is it?
  101. portrait lens that will fold inside crown graphic
  102. Vintage Filter?
  103. Buhl projector lens?
  104. Enlarging lens image circle
  105. Nikkor M300 f9.0 not sharp
  106. Anyone have dates for a Berthiot Casket set?
  107. Test Pattern for Variety Lens Testing
  108. Need help reassembling an Optimo shutter
  109. 90mm 4x5 lens advice needed
  110. Anyone recognise this Goerz 120mm Double Anastigmat?
  111. Schneider 90mm F5.6 Super Angulon XL covers whole plate?
  112. Lens Advice / Opinion: Consistent Look (or thatís not real)
  113. Copal 3 Shutter
  114. 12" Goerz Red Dot Artar, B & T don't work
  115. Fujinon-W 210mm f/5.6 Writing on Front
  116. "Barn Find" Brass Barrel Lens Mystery!
  117. Which of my 5 LF lenses are worth keeping or worth upgrading?
  118. 152mm f/3.5 & 2.8 KOMURA experiences wanted
  119. of Ground Glass, Goethe and Grandagons
  120. 150mm lens suggestion for landscapes on a Cambo 45NX
  121. I'm looking for a "thing", something to hold my lenses with Technica boards
  122. Dial Set Compur 1a repair
  123. First and second lenses for new 4x5 shooter
  124. Where did all the Caltars go?
  125. Anyone have info about an Exelsior casket set?
  126. wollensak 159mm 12.5 shutters question
  127. help choosing portrait lens?
  128. 12" Goerz Dagor?
  129. Lens Filters for 4x5
  130. Copal 0 shutter accuracy
  131. Schneider SA 58mm Xl vs Schneider SA 65mm f5.6
  132. F stop markings on lens board
  133. Lens for color
  134. FUJI FUJINON L 420mm F8 Question.
  135. Schneider 210MM HM - Any Experiences / Image Examples
  136. Please Help Identify "Type Y" Caltar Lens
  137. Focal Flange Distance
  138. Thoughts on Schneider Xenar f/4.7 135mm as replacement lens for Pacemaker Speed Graph
  139. How these sliding fixers are called?
  140. Compur dialset #0 shutter replacement
  141. Lens help needed (8x10 wet plate)
  142. Close up lens, how do they work?
  143. Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question
  144. Ilex Acme #4 shutter needing long throw cable release?
  145. source of new shutters
  146. Filtering Large Lenses
  147. Need info on "Alphax Synchro" shutter
  148. Budget wide angle lens for 8x10
  149. Opening top of Symmar-S 210
  150. RE: soft focus adjustment on a Velostigmat Series II f/4.5
  151. Caltar II-N 210mm f5.6 aperture scale help
  152. Fujinon W 360mm
  153. Mystery Carl Zeiss Lens - Anyone know what this is?
  154. Lens Fit For Schneider Compound #3
  155. What am I doing wrong?! Mounting Copal 3
  156. Filters for B&W
  157. Using Center ND filters on the back of LF lenses a viable option?
  158. Advice regarding lens choice. Fuji vs Rodenstock
  159. Darlot Projection Lens Question
  160. Heidosmat 150mm 2.8, Copal S3 on my Linhof V
  161. For macro lenses on 4x5in cameras, what focal length is most useful?
  162. Shutter CLA
  163. 210mm APO W - Yellow Ring?
  164. Fitting a Jena Tessar 21cm 210cm in a Linhof board
  165. Fujinon SF lens Question
  166. Confused by lens math
  167. Would a Horseman Super ER 75/5.6 work on a WISTA RF?
  168. pros/cons of two different lenses at the same focal length?
  169. Optical diagrams of Pinkham and Smith lens?
  170. Voitlšnder Telomar 360mm, f. 5.5
  171. Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f4.8 cla- replace "glue" inside
  172. 508mm f/7 ILEX lenses
  173. Nikkor Q 300mm f9
  174. Kodak vs. Rodenstock 135mm
  175. Goerz Dagor SV?