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  1. Which for 8x10: 360 Graphic Kowa or 355 G-Claron?
  2. H.Duplouich lens info help.
  3. Schneider Super Angulon XL 47mm f5.6
  4. Using a mirrorscope lens for 4x5?
  5. Lee filters with LF lenses and ultra long exposures
  6. General Scientific Metra Scienar 24in f11 info.
  7. Wollensak 6 1/4" infinity focus
  8. Alternative to traditional pinhole on an 8x10
  9. 8 1/2 inch Commercial Ektar
  10. Fujinon 90mm f/5.6 useable for 4x5 Crown Graphic?
  11. Lenses Minor White used?
  12. Mounting the Tele Xenar 360/5.5
  13. Keystone Flashmeter Shutter Questions
  14. APO Sironar S lenses in 300mm + in today's market
  15. How to understand MTF
  16. Just bought a Nikkor 75mm SW f/4.5
  17. Ordered a Intrepid, now looking for lenses.
  18. A Packard (/other shutter) for a Nicola Perscheid (42cm) barrel lens on a Cambo 8X10
  19. Shutter Aperture Scales (used lenses)
  20. What are these lenses?
  21. Crazy Lens Auction?
  22. Lenses for 8x20
  23. Age of Wray Lens?
  24. Help getting started with an Imagon 300
  25. Macro Lenses for LF
  26. Lens for 5x12 camera
  27. Process lenses
  28. Taylor Hobson Cooke Series ii 15” soft focus ring stuck
  29. Nikkor 480mm f9 repair
  30. advise on expanding my lens setup
  31. Fujinon L series
  32. Wollensak 159mm Lens Shutter Options
  33. Focal Length of Phone cameras to 4x5
  34. Old brass lens
  35. Voigtlander C lens?
  36. Please Help Me Identify This Lens!
  37. Goerz Dagor 355mm f/7.7 --VS-- NIkkor-M 450mmm F/9 For 16x20 - Which Would You Get?
  38. Nikkor Nikon LF lens serial numbers and reference thread 2018
  39. WTD tips on using a Protar front or rear lens cells alone
  40. Does an affordable, available, non-plasmat 300mm-ish lens that covers 8x10 exist?
  41. A tiny supplement to Lens Vade Mecum! Shepherd & Squire.
  42. Spacers of Sinaron W 90/4.5 DB mount, for the same lens in Copal#1 ?
  43. Sinar Shutter Sans Shutter Release
  44. Do pop-up/extension (not recessed) Technika lensboards exist?
  45. Aerial lenses - with a difference - maybe
  46. Shoot Macro on 8x10 like Karl Blossfeldt
  47. copal 0 change to Rollei electronic shutter 0 problem
  48. Toyo lens hood 1660
  49. Guide to shutter/lens combinations?
  50. Has anyone built a lens hood or compendium hood?
  51. Image circle for 4x5
  52. Petzval barrel repair - Light Traps
  53. Using Behind the Lens Filters
  54. Fudging speeds on old shutters
  55. Corroded early Ross Xpres 7 1/4 f/4.5
  56. Anyone wish to share field experience of the Cooke Series XVa Triple for 'landscape'
  57. Brightness of 8x10" GG image with 210mm G-Claron
  58. MF Macro Lenses on LF?
  59. Alternative Center Filters for Rodenstock 75/4.5 Grandagon N?
  60. Rietschel Linear, eight element lens
  61. Comparing the 135/4.7 Xenar and various 135/5.6 lenses
  62. Wolly 19in Velestigmat
  63. Flange focal length of 90mm f/8 Ilex Acugon/Acu-Veriwide?
  64. Rear lens component used as long lens
  65. Do I have something special?
  66. Why 55mm f/4.5 Apo-Grandagon *and* 55mm f/4.5 Grandagon-N?
  67. Difference between G-Clarons and Blue Dot Trigors?
  68. Ilex Paragon 10" (254mm), Set In Ilex #3 Shutter
  69. Failed pursuit using military aerial lenses
  70. Thoughts on the Nikkor-T 360mm with a Wista VX
  71. Formatt Firecrest ND in Lee holder?
  72. Cooke Portrait engraving - or lack of it...
  73. Schneider Xenar 150mm f/5.6 vs. Rodenstock Geronar 150mm f/6.3?
  74. Lens board dimensions for Korona View 8x10?
  75. question about mid-1850s lenses
  76. 2 unusual lenses-seeking information
  77. Seiko electric shutters?
  78. European alternatives to (Commercial) Ektars?
  79. hugo meyer petzval
  80. Determining lens board hole size for Wolly 16” lens
  81. Schneider Lexar lens?
  82. Ilex Universal No. 5 shutter issue. Stuck in "open" focus mode. Suggestions please?
  83. Congo 400mm f8 sharpness on a budget?
  84. Rear cap size for the 90mm SA
  85. LF Macro Lens (...and understanding bellows extension for tele lenses)
  86. Anyone have a Bausch & Lomb Tessar IIb #11 for 16x20?
  87. Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem
  88. New Member - Speed Graphic Graphex lens help please
  89. Damaged aperture - is it fixable
  90. One shutter two lenses? (Aperture scale question)
  91. 300mm for Landscape
  92. Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f5.6
  93. Balsam separation (affect on second-hand price/opinions)?
  94. Rodenstock Klimsch Apo-Ronar 480mm
  95. Recessed Lens Board for a Burke and James Press
  96. E Suter Basel Stellar 450 mm f5,any good?
  97. 12" Velostigmat II uncorking help please
  98. Meaning of the code on older Carl Zeiss lenses
  99. Caltar-S II 8 1/4" (210mm) f5.6 question
  100. Very early bronzed Voigtländer Petzval
  101. Focal length vs. field of view?
  102. How does one do Macro work in LF?
  103. Graphex stuck shutter question
  104. Unusual LF Canon LiDe (Scanner) Camera Project Needs Basic Lens Suggestions.
  105. Euryscop, Voightlander what exacty is it?
  106. Using my big 90mm Fujinon on my Chamonix 4x5
  107. Coverage of a CM FUJINON W f/5.6 105mm lens?
  108. Found an LF lens, anyone know anything about it?
  109. Info on GRAY's Extreme Angle Periscope lenses wanted
  110. Dallmeyer 3B
  111. Voigtlaender tele dynar for 9x12, any good?
  112. Filter system for LF.
  113. strange lens phenomenon
  114. What a whopper!
  115. 90mm f/5.6 Fujinon, no F stop markings
  116. Probably a dumb question lens/aperture question . . .
  117. Is this lens degumming or lens blistering ?
  118. Swirly Bokeh lens information please
  119. Using a fresnel lens and ground glass?
  120. Question About Lens Mounting Flanges
  121. Differences between the G-Claron and the WA G-Claron
  122. Kodak Supermatic and Flash Supermatic
  123. New to 8x10 and need advice on shutters
  124. Lens hoods for barrel lenses
  125. A Fishy Idea - Is Stereoscopic or 3D Images a crazy Idea or even possible?
  126. 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?
  127. New Linhof price list for lenses
  128. Carl Zeiss Jena tessar 17.5cm info ?
  129. How to Mount the Kong Petzval
  130. Copal 3 shutter and Lee Filter Holder
  131. Sironar-N and Sironar-S Shutter swap possible?
  132. Another 'age' question R & J Beck lens
  133. Should I upgrade my 150mm Symmar-S?
  134. 10” Wollensak Vitax
  135. Mounting an Old Brass Lens on a 8x10 Toyo Metal Lens Board
  136. Help with Prosch shutter f/stop sizes
  137. Nikon 120mm f8 on a 8x100 zone iv
  138. Wollensak in Alphax US Navy Shutter
  139. Wrong aperture scale on Copal 0?
  140. First lens for 4x5
  141. Age for C.P. Goerz Berlin Doppel Anastigmat Serie III No.7
  142. Plaubel Heli Orthar n4 f6.3
  143. S. M. Co. Engraved in Lens Barrel
  144. Protarlinse VII R.18cm
  145. Mounting and flange threads
  146. Leica LF lens (?) :)
  147. No More Schneider Optics?
  148. Compound #3 Shutter
  149. Schneider center filters
  150. everyone's favorite topic: what lens is this??
  151. Marlow Brothers shutter
  152. [STOLEN] Dallmeyer 6A lens, 4x5" and 8x10" Arca Swiss Cameras, Tripods
  153. 121mm f8 Super Angulon in Synchro Compur lens board size
  154. Anyone have waterhouse stops for a Newer Dallmeyer 3B?
  155. Seperating Stuck Filters
  156. Lensboard query
  157. Dallmeyer Shutter
  158. Cooke Anastigmat Series III Lens Issue
  159. How old is my Ross lens?
  160. 135mm 4x5 Lens Recommendations - Moderate Budget
  161. Lens shade question
  162. 110XL Fog Issue Serial# Range?
  163. The best way to store lenses long term? Vacuum seal?
  164. Does anyone have information on the Yamasaki 320 f/9 Apo Congo?
  165. What adapter, filter holder and filters would you recommend for my small lenses.
  166. CZJ Tessar f7,2 17,5cm
  167. Fuji 75mm SW f/8 Seiko Shutter Size?
  168. 240mm f/5.5 Tele-Arton
  169. Calumet 150mm... Can't focus anything further than 5ish ft?
  170. Cleaning lenses and shutters using an ultrasonic cleaner?
  171. Rodenstock Sironar 210mm f5.6 macro
  172. DoF Charts and f/stops
  173. Lens for Landscape
  174. Missing a shutter mounting nut
  175. Any info/experience with a Micro Raptar 115mm/12.5?
  176. Burke & James No2 Ajax portrait aperture question
  177. Is this Fungus? If so: How to disinfect and remove fungus from a filter?
  178. Kang Rinpoche S 600 F11.5 (Chinese Fujinon C 600mm )
  179. Filter light wavelength profiles for cokin red, orange, green, yellow-green and blue?
  180. Collinear in Compur
  181. Visual Lenses List
  182. Karlheinz Stockhausen music composer analogy - PSF Question
  183. schneider center filter on rodenstock lens?
  184. Optar 90/6.8 Flange focal distance ??
  185. why do large format lenses enlarge image circle when you stop down ?
  186. ILEX No. 5 cable release port / missing part
  187. New to Large format - need help about telephoto lenses!
  188. 105mm CM-W with Crown Graphic -- does it fit when closed?
  189. How much do shutter repairs cost?
  190. Ross London CdeV No. 2 Your thoughts Please?
  191. Kodak 12" Ektar f4.5 questions
  192. Suggestions for small, light 2-300mm 5"x4" lens needed.
  193. Sources for "Unique" filter step-up rings, specifically 102mm to 105mm?
  194. 600mm FUJINON f/12 for whole plate?
  195. Hugo Meyer 7" Trioplan...I have questions!
  196. Bausch & Lomb 159mm F2 Super Cinephor
  197. How do I open lens to focus, Fujinon W 150mm 5.6?
  198. Unkown lens f2.5 Possible large format
  199. Fujinon SWD 90mm f/5.6 Large Format Lens
  200. Nikon Nikkor W 105mm f/5.6 S
  201. Help removing lens from linhof board
  202. Filter Step Up Options for Dagor 8.25/f6.8 and Artar 12/f9
  203. Captain Owen Wheeler's Turtle Lens
  204. Are Optimo dimensions consistent with later Wollensak shutters?
  205. Wollensak Velosigmat triple convert. question
  206. Nikon 150 mm W Lenses Differences
  207. Circle of Confusion query
  208. Filter holder for Schneider Center Filter IV
  209. Length, width and diagonal measurements for exposed windows of various film holders?
  210. Kodak 90mm Optar serial No.?
  211. Schneider Angulon 90mm F/6.8 Lens in Linhof Synchro Compur Shutter
  212. Advice on 1st lens for LF (new member here)
  213. Help on lens wrench dimensions
  214. Are any medium format lens circles large enought to cover 4x5?
  215. Fujinon 450 C lens in non original copal shutter?
  216. Fujinon vs Rodenstock
  217. Fujinon T Lenses for my 4x5
  218. Lens bellows Hood options
  219. How does shutter timing work?
  220. Differences in Dagors over the years?
  221. Schneider 150mm LF lens with iris collapsed. help needed
  222. Nikkor W150mm f5.6-recently purchased - loose mounting
  223. UV Filter For Paper Negatives?
  224. Help on the space ring size of Gundlach Series B lens.
  225. Confirm Difference (or Lack thereof) Between Wista Centered and Off-Center Lens Board
  226. Goerz Artar 420 9,5
  227. 300mm f5.5 tele-xenar ??
  228. Lens Board Question
  229. What type of lens did I just buy?
  230. Apo Germinar 360/9 barrel to Shutter?
  231. Schneider/Rodenstock lenses: help for a beginner
  232. Minimum focus distance
  233. Identifying correct rear element and shutter for lens
  234. Extension Lens Board
  235. info wanted on 13" Raptar
  236. Central gradated filters for classic Angulons?
  237. AFR Paris Anastigmat Symetrique 28cm f/6.8 Series A No. 12
  238. What is the M and X toggle on my Schneider 90mm f6.8 Angulon?
  239. Fujinon T 400mm F/8
  240. Mounting lenses to boards for beginners: video
  241. Bellows compensation for S-K 300mm f5.5 Tele-Xenar
  242. Copal 1 shutter repair
  243. Waterhouse Stop Fabrication Alternatives in 2019?
  244. Removing process lens with screw access blocked by aperture ring
  245. Alphax shutter overhaul/repair?
  246. Can you help me get this lens cell apart
  247. Schneider Symmar 360mm f/6.8 vs Nikon Nikkor-W 360mm f/6.5 vs Fujinon CM-W f/6.5
  248. why are my images blurry on the sides... some one explain this flat field thing
  249. 180mm for 5x7
  250. Copal 0 flash sync question