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  1. Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?
  2. Sinar Norma 5x7 vs 4x5 dimensions?
  3. Wista 4x5 - back usage
  4. Horseman 45HF question
  5. Restoration of Large Format Wooden Cameras!
  6. Leather handle for 5x7 Kodak 2D ?
  7. Zeiss Ikon Ideal 225, interchangeable lenses?
  8. Adapting Horseman bellows lenshood to a Sinar
  9. Something similar to Cambo Wide DS?
  10. Thinking about getting into 4x4 filters
  11. Here is the Intrepid 4x5 Mk4
  12. Focus problems Toyo View D45M
  13. Please Help Me Identify This Extension Rail!
  14. 4x5 Fidelity vs Toyo holder
  15. MPP mkVII back questions
  16. 20mm recessed lens board not fitting
  17. fit release cable in recessed board
  18. Movements book or tutorial recommendations
  19. Parts for a Calumet C1
  20. 4x10
  21. 5x7 cameras with folding focusing hoods
  22. Wista 45 Graflok Back types compatibility question
  23. Chamonix 4x5 F2
  24. Rangefinder 4x5
  25. LF beginner and a Wista 6x7 rollfilm back for 4X5
  26. The Most Lightweight/Compact Setup for 8x10 Large Format Photography?
  27. Century Imperial Studio Unit 1936 users...?
  28. Organizing film holders - what system do you use?
  29. Is "Bellows" a Singluar or a Plural name?
  30. Fresnel for Toyo 810MII (8x10) ...?
  31. Calumet 8x10 C1 ground glass retaining clips
  32. Intrepid 8x10 Mk1 vs Mk2
  33. My first 4x5
  34. 8x10 Camera mainly for portraits
  35. Upgrade
  36. Tachihara 4x5
  37. 1st, 2d, or 3rd click on tension spring for an early 5x7 Press Graflex?
  38. New Yanke Bright Screen model CL
  39. Different Linhof Technika IV types...
  40. hi.. this is JIN newbie at LF, question for wista sp..!!
  41. How wide can I go with a Bender 4x5
  42. HELP! A friend just gave me his old 4x5 pinhole. No idea what the Aperture is!
  43. Star Camera Company
  44. Help with a fix and identification of a 1990s cambo 4x5 view camera
  45. Help identify this older press or technical (?) camera
  46. Arca-Swiss Discovery - New Version of It?
  47. In search of 5x8 format
  48. Prontor professional 01S Shutter
  49. lens on the tip of my tongue.
  50. sinar norma 5x7 back question
  51. Linhof MT Bubble Level Options
  52. Bag bellows on demand
  53. School me on press cameras.
  54. Please help me identify these accessories sold with a Sinar P2
  55. 4x5 for road trip
  56. Meridian 45B camera
  57. Reliability of bag bellows
  58. Anything special about Linhof film holders?
  59. Soft grad color filters
  60. Comparing Currently In-production 4X5 Field Cameras
  61. Toyo 45A not closing properly
  62. Identifying a Horseman 8x10
  63. optimizing folding hood shade?
  64. Newb question on inserting film holders.
  65. NOOB Question About Starter LF Cameras
  66. Protecting lens during long exposure
  67. Wista RF - Rangefinder coupler issues?
  68. Sinar P2 part identification ( teeth that enable lateral movements )
  69. Deep recessed board for Toyo 45A
  70. Replace Deardorff bellows or sell as is?
  71. Newb question: Store film holders with dark slides in...or out?
  72. Intrepid 8X10 New Video
  73. Let's talk about early Linhof cameras
  74. cost expectations for 8x10 restoration
  75. Buy used Toyo w/accessories or brand new Chamonix
  76. What camera to shoot with out in the field when using HEAVY lenses?
  77. Linhof Technika 4x5 rangefinder restoration...
  78. Adding a fresnel to a Technika IV
  79. Any stenopeika 810 users?
  80. 5 x 7 plate holder not fitting 5 x 7 back?
  81. 4x5 field camera with geared movements
  82. How to attach bellows lens hood to a lens w/o a rod (as pictured in Sinar catalogue)
  83. Technikardan wide angle bellows
  84. Svedovsky Cameras, anyone?
  85. Affordable 8x10: Any Other Game than Intrepid?
  86. Sinar breakdown
  87. S&S Film Holders
  88. Templates for cams for Technika 3
  89. Film holder or film problem?
  90. Where can I find tiese parts?
  91. "Sky Bow" -- Chinese 4x5 rangefinder
  92. Looking for bellows.
  93. intrepid 4x5 mk3 - lens board problem
  94. Recommendations: Small 135mm with good coverage for 4x5 portraits?
  95. build a portable 8x10 camera8x10
  96. About flange-to-film distances and field cameras
  97. Intrepid 8x10 Base Plate Modification
  98. Chamonix 45H-1
  99. My new 5x7 camera
  100. 4x5 to 8x10 increasing back?
  101. Hoffman MetalMaster
  102. Wista 45SP question
  103. 4x5 film holders not used since 1960s -clean them?
  104. Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera
  105. Calumet 45n film plane/ground glass distance
  106. Polaroid back for 4x5 Sinar P2
  107. 8x10 ground glass with fresnel for Deardorff V8
  108. Chroma Camera..anyone have one.?
  109. 5x7 back for Intrepid 8x10
  110. Gandolfi GV 54 Variant Screen needed
  111. Can I know some details for "wet plate" 8x10 cut film holders?
  112. Help With Inherited Century Model 46 No. 8 Cirkut Outfit
  113. info on 4x5 Sinar copy camera?
  114. Packard shutter bulb replace???
  115. Toyo 45AX field camera: are the film holders held tight enough?
  116. arca swiss movimientos
  117. Sinar instructions
  118. Bellows size for Wista SP
  119. Lightleak or development issue?
  120. Auto Graflex - manual of arms and tips needed
  121. New to the group first post Have a Century No. 7
  122. Field 45 has D stamped on it?
  123. Focusing cloth ?
  124. How to load this 8x10 Film Holder?
  125. Allowing Lens Availability to Dictate Format Choice
  126. Sinar F2 rail holder twisting
  127. Anyone Recognize this camera?
  128. New (to me) Chamonix 045N-2
  129. A new $50 adjustable iris?
  130. Shen-Hao TFC810A
  131. Question on Compendium mount for Calumet 8 x 10 Black and Green Beauty Cameras
  132. What camera is this?
  133. Photodiox 4x5 to 35mm digital adaptor plate for stitching.
  134. American Optical Company Studio Camera
  135. Horseman lens boards for Sinar Norma
  136. Bellows Wax & Wood Polish? Suggestions?
  137. A Question on Lens Boards & Shutters
  138. Quick question regarding light seal
  139. 4x5 Camera
  140. Catastrophically broken Wista 45SP, any hope for repair?
  141. What is the need of a socket with a flat lens board?
  142. Norma maintenance manual - 8x10 swing question
  143. Ground glass question
  144. Wehman lens boards
  145. Seeking Gandolfi knowledge
  146. 5x7 Conley Stereoscopic Camera (Model XVIII)
  147. Fixing Light Leak in Graphic Roll Film Back
  148. Wista 45SP -- Focus Screen withOUT grid lines?
  149. Seeking Clever Idea For My 8x10 Camera & Vintage Lenses
  150. Linhof Technika's wide angle focusing device broken
  151. Recommendations for shipping flash equipment
  152. Stenopeika Hyper Advanced
  153. Help with Kodak 2D back
  154. Linhof Technika Recessed Lensboard for Copal 0
  155. Can you identify this camera?
  156. Trying to identify studio camera age
  157. Aspect ratio of 10x8 and 5x4?
  158. Speed graphic with Zeiss lens
  159. Can Someone ID this 8x10 Camera?
  160. Replacing bellows on Tachihara 4x5 camera advice.
  161. Horseman 45FA/HD/HF and 75mm lens
  162. Wista 45 RF... or alternative for handheld RF work at open aperture?
  163. Are LF accessories compatible between brands? Looking for a reducing back
  164. Shen Hao HZX 45-F
  165. Thoughts About Linhof 4x5 Technikardan 45s ?
  166. Eastman Kodak view no.1
  167. K.B. Canham DLC2 4x5
  168. Odd lensboard sizes
  169. Kit recommendations for a complete beginner
  170. Bellows Lens Hoods for Graphic View I
  171. Which lenses fold up into your field camera? Linhof Tecnika, Horseman, etc. question
  172. Whole Plate, 8x10
  173. Glass Plate 4.5 x 6.5 Holder compatibility
  174. Camera confusion: Beginner Puzzles over Chamonix et al
  175. Fresnel screen focus distance is different from ground glass
  176. Question about Kodak 5x7 holder
  177. Found a new way to screw up...
  178. Ideas For Temp. Lensboards?
  179. Horseman 45FA/45HD - lenses longer than 210mm. with this extended lens board?
  180. 4x5 pinhole help
  181. Film back for Calumet CC400 4x5 view camera
  182. Please help identify 2 Linhof cameras
  183. Diagnosing a Light Leak
  184. Thank you for your support and generosity. Again and many times: Thank you : ) !!!
  185. 4x5 camera thoughts
  186. First Forey Into 8x10 Format/ Intrepid 8x10 Camera
  187. Graflex Series D 4x5 SLR Loud Shutter and Vibrations
  188. Opinion About FotodioX Pro Right Angle View Finder Hood for 4x5 Linhof Cameras
  189. Rethinking my 4x5 Field Camera choice
  190. Strange old camera
  191. Lens Board Size for Agfa Ansco 8x10
  192. Graflex SLR Issues Usage DIY & Improvements?
  193. Sinar Copal Shuter trigger cable problems
  194. Before? I only THOUGHT I was confused
  195. Linhof Technika III... Double Headed Rangefinder Cam...
  196. Sinar P1 standard bearer not tilting up
  197. Which 4x5 camera?
  198. Chamonix 4x5 Bellows
  199. speed graphic 4x5 replacing missing ground glass?
  200. Is folding a Toyo difficult?
  201. Custom Bellows UK gone?
  202. Linhof Master Technika Lens Options?
  203. 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10
  204. Wet Plate 8x10
  205. Best Method For Getting 300mm Bellows Draw on Linhof Master Technika?
  206. Small Cable For Linhof Recessed Lens Board?
  207. 035293 Eyecup for Rangefinder of Linhof Master Technika
  208. Chamonix 45-N2
  209. Question about fresnel and Master Technika on 12/7
  210. How to obtain a Dynatect bellows.
  211. 6.5x8.5
  212. Wista VX + Kodak Ektar 8 1/2 inch lens - lensboard?
  213. Kodak Master View 8x10 GG problem and replacement
  214. Configuration of equipment inside a SINAR case
  215. Storage of a 4x5 Sinar X/P inside a Sinar case
  216. Info request on Zone VI camera
  217. What All Lensboards Can Be Used on Agfa Ansco 8x10?
  218. Help with identifying this Japanese Camera Please.
  219. To what model does this Deardorff back belong?
  220. 8x10 Wet Plate Set Up
  221. how to avoid the lens shade / compendium in the image
  222. This builder of retro film cameras says digital cameras are too easy, and no fun
  223. Lens Board Compatibility with Horseman LX4x5
  224. choosing a 4x5 camera
  225. Thinking hard about taking the LF plunge.....
  226. WTB - 8X10 format conversion kit for Arca Swiss
  227. Widest lens on an Intrepid
  228. Arca Boards on Sinar Cameras?
  229. Zero position is not centered? Arca swiss 4x5 metric w/ micrometric orbix
  230. Zone VI Wide Angle Bellows - Return or Keep?
  231. 8X10 Wood Eastman Kodak Filmholder Size?
  232. Arca Swiss Lensboard Question
  233. Camera Selection: Tachihara, Toyo 45Aii or xxxxxx?
  234. Which Chamonix 4x5?
  235. 8x10 to 4x5 reducing back for Ebony camera
  236. Would you be willing to take a survey on film photography equipment?
  237. Deardorff 8x10 V8 repair questions
  238. Cambo 45NX Assembly
  239. Wista 45SP: Front Standard Tilt Neutral Position Out of Alignment?
  240. Service manual for Grafmatic 4x5
  241. Question re: Charmonix 045-N-2 minimum bellows draw
  242. Goerz Artar question
  243. What is the purpose of this baffle?
  244. Some naive questions about helicoid focusing for large-format
  245. Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V
  246. 300mm lens on Linhof Master Technika
  247. G. Gennert camera: which plateholders?
  248. How to identify the film holder type for a unbranded large format camera
  249. Graflex Pacemaker Speed Flash Sync
  250. K-20 Aerial Camera