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  1. Question for Intrepid camera owners
  2. Looking for info on this camera (pics)
  3. using vintage equipment
  4. My camera caught fire.
  5. Tachihara 4x5 lock problem (now resolved!)
  6. Best film holders?
  7. Kodak 2d in the DC area?
  8. Some questions about my Wista 45SP camera
  9. Arca-Swiss Misura 8x10
  10. new into LF: 4x5 Camera and lens recommendation
  11. Help identifying large format copy camera setup early 20th Roussel lens
  12. Want to replace Chamonix, field camera or medium format suggestions?
  13. Sinar Mystery Coupling Frame
  14. Brand 17 question
  15. Kalart side mounted RF alignment???
  16. Correct flash gun for a Burke & James press?
  17. Who is going to be using their 8x10 as an Eclipse Viewer....
  18. Bellatrix (Poly Lactic Acid concerning question)
  19. MSK Osaka cameras
  20. what kind of camera, or camera insert? - panorama annotated w/ azimuth
  21. Problem with focussing knob on Toyo Field 45A
  22. Unpacking another cardboard box from China
  23. Sticking darkslide
  24. Sinar P2 8x10 600-1200mm realistic for outdoor photography?
  25. Toyo 45A Rotating Back: SOLVED
  26. Chamonix 045N-2 Lens Position Question
  27. Exploded diagram/Spare parts for the Calumet C-1
  28. Chamonix 045N-2 vs Wista 45DX design comparison
  29. 74mm jam nut
  30. Deardorff 810 lens board question
  31. How to use a reflex viewfinder
  32. How to stack a Ebony Ground Glass?
  33. Potassium Dichromate on Mahogany Cameras
  34. TOYO Super Graphic Rangefinder Adjustment
  35. First LF camera - Intrepid or MPP?
  36. Linhof wide angle device - what's the scoop?
  37. Least expensive accessory that made a difference
  38. where to get sinar service parts?
  39. Wista recessed lens panels with centred holes?
  40. 1920s Cameras--What's Available?
  41. Quick measurement of a Kodak 2d needed
  42. Large Format Camera suggestions:?
  43. How to measure the register of a film back
  44. Linhof Kardan E vs newer RE
  45. Bomm Cameras
  46. Kodak 2D 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 sighted today at a shop
  47. Wista 45DX repair
  48. Photographed so many times...
  49. Adapting Sinar Binocular reflex finder to a Whole Plate or 8x10"?
  50. Which boards to fit on a Chamonix 4x5
  51. Wisner Technical Field - Manual?
  52. New Kid On the Block: Can you tell me about this 9x12 cm camera?
  53. What is the lightest 4x5 field camera with a rotating back?
  54. long time listener, first time caller
  55. LF back question
  56. Sinar P2 Rear Standard with Sinar X
  57. Is there a binocular reflex viewer compatible with the TOYO 45 CF model?
  58. Linhof Super Tech V infinity Stops 1 Or 2?
  59. Help with old 5x7
  60. Question on Horseman Angle Finder
  61. Crown graphic for wet plate?
  62. Received my Chamonix 45H-1
  63. 4x5 vs 8x10
  64. mystique of an 8x10 Deardorff?
  65. 5 x 7 Deardorff Bellows velcro solution
  66. Focus Problem with GG?
  67. Sinar digital shutter and exposure probe
  68. Risk of fungus
  69. 5x7 Slotted Holder vs International Holder
  70. What is whole/half plate?
  71. Focusing adjustment is too tight on field camera
  72. What happened to Deardorff??
  73. Measuring of Bellows for Exposure
  74. Considering a Toyo 45g
  75. Intrepid 8x10"
  76. Toyo Omega 45F question
  77. Disturbing copies
  78. Crazy Movements of View Cameras
  79. Horseman 45HD owners ! What is your Fresnel placement?
  80. help choosing an 8x10
  81. Linhoff: Please identify
  82. Please help me identify this Toyo View Camera
  83. Hole position on lens boards for Chamonix 4x5
  84. Rochester Optical Premo No.9
  85. Noob looking for help - Graflex Crown View camera - 4 x 5
  86. Help with Toyo 45 moldy bellows
  87. Toyo Help Needed
  88. Chinese generic lens boards
  89. Wet Plate Glass Holder for Deardorff 8x10?
  90. Linhof 6x9 Super Rollex for 4x5'' Technika, how much is it thick?
  91. New to Large Format Landscape Photography
  92. ideas for changing diameter on roller blind shutter?
  93. Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.
  94. Cambo Wide question about re-attaching spring back. Help please...
  95. folding hot shoe spirit level
  96. Newbie needs help with very old camera - can't achieve focus....of anykind
  97. 8x10 bellows selection
  98. linhof super technika 5 horizontal rangefinder adjustment
  99. Opinions on large size SLRs
  100. Focusing knob turning a bit tight on Deardorff V8 - suggestions?
  101. Stearman press ZoneView viewing filter
  102. Screen protectors
  103. Sinar - difference between bag bellows #1 or #2 ....
  104. How to mount a fresnel to the Sinar P2 8x10
  105. Horseman Collapsible Binocular Reflex Viewer camera compatibility
  106. Linhof Master Technika 2000 owners - please help with question on geared rise/fall
  107. CatLABS quick review of Intrepid 8x10 camera
  108. Rugged Rigidity of Various 4x5 field cameras: Wista, Toyo, Horseman
  109. Loading metal 9x12 film holders
  110. Adjustable viewfinder for Busch Pressman?
  111. Calumet Cc 401
  112. Gundlach/Korona Leather Handle
  113. Sinar P series info wanted
  114. Flakey bellows. Suggestions for patching?
  115. Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?
  116. Need help identifying a couple of Linhof compendium lens hoods + parts
  117. First post... Alpinist ordered!
  118. Burke and James 4x5 questions
  119. 4x5 Pinhole Thoughts - An Ill Advised Adventure
  120. 305 kodak portrait lens on 4x5 chamonix
  121. New 2 forum, new to LF. Lil' help...
  122. MIDO mystery
  123. Eastman 2D vs Improved Seneca View
  124. Toyo VX125 Ultra Flex Bellows Repair
  125. Teak, Maple or American Black Cherry wood
  126. Cambo 8x10 back/bellows frame size? Anyone have one they can measure?
  127. Looking for a Sinar F2 repair manual
  128. Polaroid 405 holder image frame position
  129. How to protect a groundglass in transit?
  130. How does this style of Rittreck View film back work?
  131. Looking for thoughts/experience with mounting a big Dallmeyer 8" lens on a LF camera
  132. Help identifying Sinar model
  133. X-Connect flash sync
  134. Linhof Camera
  135. 4x10" back and compatible lenses
  136. shall i move ?
  137. Axial Tilt Field 8x10 Suggestions
  138. Repairing Toyo Bag Bellows
  139. Carrying my tripod
  140. Factory Misaligned Super Graphic Viewfinder
  141. Graflex Crown 4x5 focusing scales question
  142. Where can I source a cheap custom cut Fresnel screen?
  143. [Video] Chamonix 45 F2 Unboxing and new features
  144. Maternity photography using Chamonix 45N-2
  145. 8x10" film holders, Toyo / Fidelity / Lisco etc: fit to Gibellini camera?
  146. Attaching dark Cloth To Chamonix 045-2
  147. What Camera is this? Help
  148. New Wista DX price
  149. I didnt know my wista can do this.....
  150. Pinhole size for 8x10" - help needed
  151. Help with Linhof Technika focus knob
  152. tons of Sinar spare parts ? repair gears knobs screws
  153. Lens board for technika iii
  154. RE: Glass plate holder construction
  155. Speed Graphic Shutter Checking?
  156. Search for brighter ground glass for Intrepid 4x5
  157. 6.5 x 8.5 cameras/negatives---who has???
  158. Sinar Horseman ground glass compatibility
  159. Mounting frame Cambo Sc 8x10
  160. Linhof - which one to buy?
  161. Scoville Albion Camera, sized 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 film holders, Not Rochester
  162. Light leaks 4x5 holders
  163. Fresnel for LF? Need some clarity, please!
  164. Deardorff help! (n00b!)
  165. seneca whole plate
  166. What is this SINAR piece?
  167. Century Model 40-Something Parts
  168. Agfa Ansco 7x11 adapter for 8x10 camera
  169. Is this a good buy?
  170. Kodak 2D and Eastman commercial parts interchangeable?
  171. Cambo Wide Angle Bellows: Original Leather or New Style preferences?
  172. Sinar lifting levers
  173. What can I use to soften the bellows of an Eastman 2D?
  174. Linhof CLA and standard plate repair
  175. Asking for advice where to search second-hand Arca Swiss F-line components
  176. 8x10 Kodak Master View - CAD Drawings?
  177. What's the correct name for the big crank-up camera tables old studios used?
  178. Universal bellows
  179. What did Hopf and Satin Snow do differently during ground glass production?
  180. How to stabilize the front standard of a linhof technika iii
  181. Camera ID request - 8x10
  182. Linhof Technikardan Monorail
  183. Chamonix 045N Going Rusty
  184. Recommendations for a 4x5 field camera
  185. Kalart Rangefinder
  186. Help ID this LF camera
  187. New Linhof price list(s) available
  188. Where to start? Is it too late to start? Beginner seeking advice.
  189. Calumet tripod block
  190. lensboards with offset holes?
  191. GG manufacturers update and Intrepid users feedback
  192. Routing the pneumatic connection on a Packard that's as big as the lensboard
  193. Chroma Camera
  194. Sinar Six batteries
  195. Retouching finish on Tachihara 4x5 wooden field camera? Corner dings
  196. Adapter for fork connector to regular PC connector
  197. Replacing Kodak Master View Bellows and extension instability
  198. Replacement bellows for Linhof kardan color 18x24
  199. Strobonar Flash Handle Diameter Question
  200. Green Monster or The Intrepid 8x10?
  201. Arca Swiss F - Loose Function Carrier
  202. Astrophotography and Chamonix 45N-1
  203. Light leak issue with Deardorff
  204. Shortest Kalart Focal Length
  205. How can I connect flash sync to a Packard shutter?
  206. Sinar Adapter panel to ....?
  207. Help w/ Toyo 45A Front Shift, please
  208. Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems
  209. New bellows for Linhof Master Technika?
  210. Anniversary speed graphic infinity stop problem
  211. Linhof V, modifications, and 65mm lenses
  212. [Video] Intrepid Camera Story
  213. What's this attachment? Help identify.
  214. Dropped my Packard and knocked the piston off
  215. Screw size: Horseman 45 LE front standard
  216. RB Auto Graflex identification question
  217. Advice on how to put a 4x5 monorail camera back in original box
  218. Ground glass install
  219. Help identifying a camera in another state
  220. 8x10 For "Street" Portaiture
  221. Is this backwards?
  222. Interesting curiosity: K L Biggs Gee Pee 4x5 camera, claimed to be aerial
  223. 8x10 Wetplate/Tintype - Chamonix vs Svedovsky advice
  224. Cambo Wide DS - does it work with XL lenses only?
  225. The return of film hasn’t hit LF camera prices yet, apparently.
  226. “Top hat” lens board for Crown Graphic?
  227. Deardorff 8x10 back alternatives - which other brand's backs fit as well?
  228. Wista accessory viewfinders
  229. Using modern film in mahogany half plate dark slide
  230. Looking for Empty 4x5 Film Boxes
  231. Should I polish my rosewood Wista camera?
  232. Anyone using a MPP camera?
  233. Help: infinity focus with 9x12 Unknown beauty
  234. bellowed lens shade / compendium that fits Horseman FA?
  235. Removing Standards from a Sinar P2
  236. Exactly where can one get lensboard(s) for Busch Pressman D 4x5 Camera?
  237. Sinar Norma carrier bushings/slides
  238. How to properly use a Goerz Ango (Anschütz) camera?
  239. Need pics of Tachi “Fiel Stand” hand-strap and hardware
  240. Focus Calibration on Crown Graphic Special
  241. Compatibility of various older Arca Swiss models?
  242. Film Pack Adapter conversion?
  243. Set my Chamonix 45H-1 to have rise/fall on back standard
  244. Attaching a leather handle onto the top of a Chamonix?
  245. Lens boards for Linhof Technika/Kardan Standard
  246. fresnel lens addition and focus accuracy
  247. Linhof Right Hand Anatomical Grips
  248. Question on adjusting a Maxwell Screen to fit a new camera
  249. Shen-Hao or Chamonix 4x5?
  250. How have you marked your ground glass?