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  1. Help w/8x10 Assembly
  2. Need new bellows for Linhof Color 4x5
  3. SINAR reducer backs
  4. bad back = get a light weight 4x5" camera
  5. thinking about a Seneca 5x7, any other makes I should consider?
  6. Holder 5x7" vs 13x18cm
  7. Zinc air Z625PX battery for Luna-Pro no longer made?
  8. The Man from Nellerød....
  9. Unboxing Video for Chamonix 8x10 Sheet Film Holders
  10. Easy Pinhole repair
  11. I have 8x10 GAS!!!
  12. Bizarre (silly?) question of the year attempt: 5x7-to-4x5 reducing film holders?
  13. Graflex Rangelite Focusing
  14. Linhof Kardan-color 8x10 question?
  15. Calumet C1 question
  16. 4x5 bright focusing screen
  17. Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?
  18. Agfa Ansco LF Camera ID
  19. Wooden Lensboard Identification Help Request
  20. Light weight 4X5
  21. Binocular Viewer for Chamonix
  22. Century 10a - what's the dif and other details
  23. Some things I'd like to see made.
  24. Sinar Norma Compendium Hood Adapter
  25. 8x10 metal folding round up - Toyo 810m, Canham JMC , MasterView
  26. Wide Angle Focusing Device for Linhof Tech IV
  27. Camera to match a lens
  28. First post here, wondering what this item is (pics)
  29. Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic
  30. Just won eBay bid Calumet 4x5 mono-rail!!
  31. Question on movement orders
  32. Sinar Norma: Loose Focus Adjustment
  33. Procedure for replacing the ground glass? Ensuring the correct plane of focus registr
  34. Any LF shooter around Sisteron/Gqp area in France ?
  35. please explain panoramic formats
  36. When was the bulb flash holder was first used
  37. Kaiser Cable Release
  38. Rembrandt portrait camera questions
  39. Do these bellows need replacing, look warped but may still work (photo attached)
  40. What was the usual aperture for lenses on early Speed Graphics?
  41. Anyone have experience with the Carson OcuLens?
  42. Sinar F2: Setting Plane of Focus vs. Setting Depth of Field
  43. What is the most beautiful piece of furniture?
  44. Gnass 4x5 Cascade Film Holders
  45. Fitting A Graflok Back to a Speed Graphic?
  46. Toyo View D45 film back problem
  47. Kardan RE w/47-58mm lenses - Q for Bob Salomon
  48. Deardorff dates
  49. filter holder/system for wide angle/90mm lens on 4x5
  50. Linhof Technika IV + 75 mm shifting question
  51. Newbie to LF Crown Graphic GG question
  52. How to test Graflex FP shutter?
  53. Graflex Repair
  54. Cambo Wide Focus Adjustment Help Needed
  55. Help work me through a problem with out of focus negatives
  56. New LF camera: what about a Plaubel Peco Profia PL1?
  57. Kodak 2D 8x10 tripod block help
  58. Toyo view compendium
  59. Is it safe to use a 300mm Symmar-S on a 4x5 field camera?
  60. Cameras that use Circular Wooden Lens Boards
  61. Antique Camera Stand Can anyone identify maker
  62. Best "universal" lens board for 8x10.
  63. Bill Maxwell Contact Info
  64. Help with new Tripod
  65. How Heavy Is Your Field Kit?
  66. Speed Graphic Off The Rails !!
  67. Toyo 4x5 viewfinder hood button repair?
  68. Look for someone to make bellows
  69. Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic (1947)
  70. Sinar F2 Ground Glass Measurements Needed
  71. Newbie with camera identification query / advice
  72. Linhof dark cloth?
  73. Astrophotography with the Travelwide 4x5?
  74. Camera and Lens Wraps
  75. Questions about Current Chamonix 8x10
  76. NOBA Cameras
  77. Lets see your lightweight field kit!
  78. Chinese made bellows?
  79. Type of flash for Speed Graphic
  80. Effect of shutter type on image sharpness.
  81. Which Cambo do I have anyway?
  82. Need help ID’ing an old 8x10 Studio Camera
  83. What type of film/plate holder is this?
  84. How do you measure bellows?
  85. Best Groundglass for Linhof Kardan????
  86. How well do the 8x10 adapters for Rittreck View cameras work?
  87. Rodenstock DOF calculator question from LF Newbie
  88. how to use a filter set with a center filter?
  89. Linhof Kardan Bi Stardard to Rail Mount Screws
  90. Horseman Binocular Viewer
  91. Wista 45DX questions
  92. Help identifying these 2 large format cameras please
  93. Cambo scx
  94. Seeking information about Wisner Convertible Classic
  95. Replacing bellows on Speed Graphic
  96. lensboard adapters for Rittreck cameras
  97. Sinar F + Maxwell Glass Focus Issue
  98. Mounting Sinar Copal Shutter to Linhof
  99. Where to start? Is it too late to start? Beginner seeking advice.
  100. Dark Cloth or Folding Viewer
  101. Looking to get into 4x5 - need advice
  102. The Wisner convertible classic 8X10 camera (review)
  103. Getting back to 8x10, looking at Arca Swiss
  104. ZEISS IKON 668/9 plateholder filmholder - Zeiss Ikon Catalogue
  105. Can someone rent me a Travelwide 4x5 camera in New York ? can give guarantees
  106. Cambo scx back rotation
  107. Cambo rails interchangeable SCX & Legend
  108. Educate me on tilting lenses
  109. How problematic is Balsam separation in a lens
  110. Looking for someone who makes Busch Pressman boards
  111. Queen & Co. lens clamp
  112. Sinar Bellows replacement
  113. Wisner 4x5 field camera model differences
  114. Risk of fungus
  115. Help me identify this Toyo 4x5 Camera
  116. Acrylic for ground glass
  117. Deardorff 810 lens board question
  118. Light leaks in Chamonix 8x10 wet plate holder
  119. Aligning Press Camera
  120. where to get sinar service parts?
  121. Wood Vs Metal cameras for working near ocean?
  122. Is this the Pacemaker model?
  123. Please help identify this 4X5 camera back.
  124. Tachihara 4x5 question
  125. NAGAOKA 4x5 Field Camera Parts
  126. Wanderlust travelwide first impressions
  127. Technika III board adapter for B&J 5x7?
  128. Whole Plate format observations. Please join in with yours.
  129. New compact 4x5 camera from China
  130. linhof technika V 4x5 question
  131. The future of ground glass material?
  132. How to use a Graflex Film Pack Adapter?
  133. Nagaoka for recessed Technika lensboards
  134. Cutting and fitting a Plastic Fresnel Lens
  135. Burke & James aka Calumet?????
  136. Newbie into LF territory - Linhof Super Technika 5x7
  137. another tech V question
  138. Need a rear yoke for a ToyoView D45
  139. A speed Graphic made, factory pinhole camera . . . for real?
  140. Shooting 4x5 on an 8x10 field with reducing back
  141. Gaoersi 4x5 (and problem with calibrating lens mount)
  142. 10x10 "reducing" back?
  143. Toyo 810M Ground Glass Screen
  144. Puzzling light blocking. Vignetting, lens hood? Please help to identify the source.
  145. Technika boards on Toyo AII (Q about Toyo adapter)
  146. Confused about lensless photography and 4x5 camera
  147. Top mount or side mount rangefinder for Crown (Speed) Graphic 4x5
  148. A Transparent Camera
  149. A Selfie Stick for Large Format Cameras
  150. New focusing screen, or new camera?
  151. Any interest for DIY camera building videos?
  152. Will Extreme Stretching of Bellows Effect Sharpness?
  153. Svedovsky 8x10 first impressions
  154. Chamonix F1 question
  155. A Question about Linhof 4x5 Master Technika Classic Camera Leather Replacement
  156. Grafmatic holder that violates the laws of physics?
  157. Linhof Kardan Color 45S and wide lenses
  158. Certotrop 9x12cm
  159. Tecnhika-type lensboard observations
  160. Joined the LF World
  161. Gandolfi 8x10 reducing back, questions
  162. A Question For Chamonix Owners
  163. Chamonix 45n1 classic? A new model?
  164. Is there a book on the Linhof Master Technika?
  165. I've accidentally started my LF journey with best camera for me ... or have I?
  166. Linhof Master Technika view screen
  167. Need 4x5 camera recommendations (for use with Linhof lens boards)
  168. Arca-style QR plate for Linhof Technikardan
  169. Hermann Krone with his photography equipment, circa 1860. What a collection!!
  170. Wista SP bubble level chalk?
  171. Linhof Super Technika V restoration
  172. Linhof Technika III questions...
  173. What's this??...
  174. Linhof Technika and acessories
  175. Sticky blackjacket focusing cloth cleaning?
  176. 8x10 Riteway Holders?
  177. Need for 4x5 film holder protective case?
  178. Please, help me to identify this old camera (ca 1900)
  179. Graphic View Ground Glass Dimensions
  180. Crown Graphic Lensboards
  181. Linhof lens board does not fit to Linhof Master Technika!
  182. Packard Shutter mystery! Please help if you can...
  183. Linhof Technika V 5x7 Wide Angle Focus Question
  184. 8x10 holders label slightly warped?
  185. 3D Printing for Bellows Frames
  186. Norma 5x7 and 8x10 Dimensions
  187. Deardorff Bellows Replacement
  188. Sinar Norma stabilising rods
  189. 5x4 Film and glass plate holders: same offset?
  190. KMV & Deardorff back springs interchangeable?
  191. Correct lubrication for metal sliding beds and tracks?
  192. How do I take apart a Cambo monorail?
  193. Kodak 'Specialist'
  194. Linhof Technika Rangfinder Cams
  195. Linhof "Comfort" recessed board assembly
  196. ICA Ideal 325 Cut sheet Film holder
  197. Graflex Super D [X-sync] at high Tension
  198. What is the Aero Tac?
  199. Wanderlust 4x5 Lens Fasten
  200. What is this Norma lens board for?
  201. Another Fotoman-like clone!
  202. 5x7 Madness: is it safe to use 1920's holders for critical work?
  203. 7x11 and whole plate (6 1/2 x 8 1/2) formats
  204. Lubrication for a Cambo Master PC
  205. Travelwide setup and description video
  206. Broken Camera Bag Buckle? Nifty fix.
  207. Serial number of Horseman 45FA
  208. Strange 3 Lens Camera by J Lizars need help to identify.
  209. Ground glass upgrade on Shen Hao
  210. Help with Phillips knurled knob
  211. Help identifying Arca Swiss model?
  212. horseman zoom finder is inaccurate ?
  213. Installing Chinese made bellows for Toyo 45G
  214. Ground glass info needed for Zone VI 4x5
  215. 8x10 lens
  216. Advice on Camera Repair Estimate
  217. Instant Pos/Neg Film: Any Experience?
  218. First 4x5 for portraits and contact printing?
  219. toyo/omega 45 series camera rail question
  220. Newbie Question: is 8x10 Contact Printing for Me?
  221. Swing mod on Pacemaker Speed
  222. Upgrading a Sinar F1 to 8x10?
  223. question about Phillips/Chamonix design for short lenses
  224. Intenscreens
  225. Is a Sinar Norma an upgrade from F1?
  226. New technika 71xxx
  227. Images crooked on 4x5 film
  228. Kodak Panoram No. 4 Model C.
  229. Linhof Kardan Bi
  230. Linhof 45S tweak
  231. Tilt/Shift with Wide Angle
  232. Need advice on carrying a monorail (heavy)
  233. Alternatives to Travelwide ? > Linhof Technica Handheld Realistic ?
  234. Grafmatic issues with Critical Focusing
  235. Linhof "pre-Technika" Cameras?
  236. Toyo adapter lens board for 4"x4" lens board?
  237. Linhof Master Technika and Lee Grad filters
  238. Fresnel Question
  239. ICA Serial Numbers System (foundation of the Zeiss ikon System)
  240. Technikardan 45S to complement my Chamonix 4x5 F1
  241. Lisco Film Holder Light Leak
  242. LINHOF Wide Angle Focusing Device
  243. Review of the Intrepid 4X5 camera
  244. Linhof cameras before 1945
  245. Inspection of camera for purchase
  246. Help Identifying 19th Century 8x10 View Camera
  247. Ideal lens set for a 4x5 field camera
  248. Camera Movements
  249. New Toko 4x5 website
  250. Help Identifying Vintage/Antique Graflex :D