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  1. Conley camera restoration.
  2. Best place to get an 8x20 plate holder and film holders modified/made
  3. Gowlandflex Focusing Strangeness...
  4. How many Deardorff cameras are there now?
  5. kodak commercial 8X10 restoration project
  6. The Chicago Tribune on Deardorff
  7. Suitable bag for 4x5?
  8. older type of Sinar Norma (DB) Shutter?
  9. Toyo 1/4" and 3/8" interchangeable tripod sockets/bushings 45a - 45a II
  10. need help identifying mystery parts
  11. Short lens on Calumet C1
  12. Phillips Compact 8x10 Original
  13. 5x7 Chamonix
  14. Plate Holder for Tintype 8x10
  15. Bellows for Crown Graphic
  16. what shutter would you use?
  17. Quality makers before the Gandolfi/Deardorff Era! Post your Camera details.
  18. Anybody in SF Bay Area w/Linhof Technika Lens/Cam I could use to test camera?
  19. At what f.length wide angle at infinity do you need to drop bed Toyo 4x5 Field Cam?
  20. New Case Foam - MyCaseBuilder Review
  21. Best Format?
  22. Rising viewfinder screen on a Silvestri Model H? (not an H25)
  23. Are these used 4x5 film holders too worn?
  24. Could someone check the width of a typical 12x10" UK Book plate holder?
  25. Question about Ebay Sinar
  26. New Member...Back into LF with a Newly acquired Linhof Technika...any info appreciate
  27. Graflok options for 6x6 and 6x4.5?
  28. Help installing the cam in a Crown Graphic
  29. Copal 0 to Copal-adapter-which size?
  30. 4x5 Dark slides with circular holes in them? For what purpose?
  31. What type of flash sync is this
  32. Handheld 8x10
  33. Criterion 5x7 Bellows
  34. Shenhao 8X10 FCL-810 AC or Wilderness V 8x10 ?
  35. Copal 3 shutter on Master Technika
  36. Roll film Back with Lensless Camera Mfg Co pinhole camera?
  37. Fotodiox Pro Toyo 4x5 Right Angle View Finder Hood
  38. Technika III 13x18
  39. How to Value LF Equipment
  40. Bossy View Camera
  41. Cheap 5x7 folder, Seneca or alternative
  42. Cambo Post Calumet?
  43. 8x10'' Arca Swiss F-Line Metric vs. Lotus View
  44. linhof karden film holders
  45. Help -- Exposure Compensation for Bellows
  46. question about Linhof finder
  47. Fotoman 45sps questions (is Fotoman still in business?)
  48. Top mounted speed graphic rangefinder
  49. Question about Technikardan 45 measuring scales
  50. Sinar lens boards, can they be DIY?
  51. How to do front swings on a 5x7 Rittreck-View?????
  52. Cutting Linhof cams...
  53. Help to choose
  54. Deardorff cameras
  55. Part Needed for Linhof Color main rail clamp knob...Red.
  56. Part Needed for Linhof Color main rail clamp knob...Red.
  57. Speed Graphic ground glass replacement (shimming?)
  58. Toyo 810G
  59. Is there any way to use Horseman 45 LE lensboard on a Toyo 45 F? Monorails
  60. Toyo-View revolving back lever
  61. Ilford Special Orders
  62. Camera Rental - New York City
  63. Stamped Made in USA shipping from china 7x17 film holders?
  64. 8X10 ansco rise lock?
  65. Non folding field cameras
  66. Favorite 8x10 Field Camera and why?
  67. Lens Wraps
  68. Linhof Technika III problems
  69. Toyo Serial Numbers
  70. sinar p "body" for 380
  71. Gibellini folding cameras from Italy any experience ?
  72. How to Use Horseman 6x9 RFH on Toyo45AII without Scratching Ground Glass?
  73. Linhof Master Kardan TL question -
  74. Pacemaker Puzzle
  75. Portable-folding 4x5
  76. Chamonix 8x10
  77. help with first LF in a while... please and thank you
  78. Polaroid 900/Razzle Infinity Stop adjustment
  79. Wisner, Zone VI. Or Shen Hao? Field camera help?!
  80. weight Kodak Commercial View 8x10" ???
  81. Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 Ground Glass Replacement
  82. What's the thread type/size of the Sinar rail center screw?
  83. Need Help with Linhof Kardan-Master Rail Base
  84. Need a lesson in NYC from a professional who knows Wet Plate photography with flash
  85. How far is center screw recessed in Sinar extension rail?
  86. Lowepro 650 aw trekker pro
  87. Horseman 45 le vs sinar f1/alpina
  88. Lens Board Compatibilty
  89. Kodak 2-d 8x10 info
  90. Speedgraphic shutter service in UK
  91. Wisner 8x20 Conversion on Wisner Traditional 8x10?
  92. Details of a french tailboard reisekamera (chambre de Voyage)
  93. ULF NEW 7X17 mystery EBay holders, just arrived, who made them? MINT!
  94. Bellows flare? (4x5 camera vs 5x7 with 4x5 back)
  95. empire state 1 11x14 camera
  96. Agfa Universal 5x7
  97. Lens Hood Alternative to Compendium
  98. Best screen in 5x7
  99. Plaubel Peco Universal III question
  100. Toyo 45D information
  101. ULF poll in Feedback Sub-forum
  102. Wista Field
  103. Need rear standard 8x10 bubble level assemblies for Sinar F
  104. Bail Arm vs Spring backs for 8x10 ?
  105. Gandolfi mini documentary on you tube
  106. Horseman 45FA Lensboard question
  107. Sinar P2 original price?
  108. Help please: Need new bellow for 8x10 SinarF, suggestions:
  109. Difference between Cambo and Majestic
  110. Sinar F2, P, C, or Toyo 45G?
  111. Technika adapter for Canham Wood 5x7/4x5
  112. Anyone used a Wista 4x5 monorail?
  113. Arca Swiss Focusing knob problem
  114. Help in identifying LF backs please. Just under 14-3/4" Square.
  115. super rollex mask questions
  116. Dip-and-dunk tool handle rubberizer on plastic focus knobs?
  117. Where to Have lens board hole mistake fixed?
  118. Bag/box for toyo 45g
  119. Not so big film holders
  120. Roll film back for Sinar F
  121. Sinar operating manual?
  122. Newbie question: how best to use a 9x12 ICA Reflex?
  123. Antique Folmer & Schwing circa 1925(?)
  124. Shen Hao 4x5 to 5x7 enlarging back??????????
  125. Does Sinar Shutter Fit 8x10 Arca Swiss F-Metric?
  126. First LF advice
  127. Does the WIsta VX film holder come off to be able to use a 4x5-Nikon adapter? HELP!!
  128. Are Calumet cases checkable?
  129. How to do 4x5 copy work a la the Afghan Box Camera with a Sinar
  130. where to get parts for wista/tachihara?
  131. HELP: Graflex RB Series D - Tension Spring Problem
  132. GG for my Cambo Legend?
  133. Are Arca-Swiss mounting plates and Really Right Stuff mounting plates the same ?
  134. cable shutter release, Speed Graphic...
  135. X-Files LF crime scene camera - real thing or prop?
  136. Feedback from Cambo Wide DS Users
  137. Advice / Help / WTB: 1A Semi-Centennial Stand PARTS
  138. braintrust: what do we have here???
  139. Turner Bellows
  140. Another stupid Wista DX Question
  141. Shimming Gowland Aerial
  142. Fresnel and Metering Back - "necessary" accessories for Sinar F2?
  143. 5x8 E&HT Anthony?
  144. Modern film holders for old view camera like Korona/Kodak 2D/Ansco?
  145. Focusing/composing and being farsighted
  146. The most expensive Linhof you can buy
  147. Folmer Schwing Commercial View - Var.#2
  148. 4x5 Point and Shoot Camera
  149. Hi all, quick question about Calumet 4x5 & recessed lensboard.
  150. Fuji Instant Film Holder Question
  151. Super Graphic Missing Linkage
  152. Kodak 2D vs Korona 8x10 (both full movements)
  153. Carrying a Sinar F on a tripod: how to keep it from flopping around?
  154. How to check vignetting on a cut corner ground glass?
  155. Would this be a good starter 4x5?
  156. Pacemaker Speed Graphic - My Quest Begins Again
  157. Tired of rickety museum pieces... what modern 8x10 or 11x14 to buy?
  158. Linhof Aero Technika 45 EL - help needed!
  159. Parts for a broken Linhof Technika V rotating back?
  160. Old 8x10 film holders in the 21st century
  161. I need an answer from a Century expert
  162. Technika Bedstops With Lenses Close in a Focal Length
  163. Polaroid 405 backs on a Technika V
  164. Fujifilm PA-145 Polaroid back centering
  165. Problem with Adapt-A-Roll 620 and Crown Graphic
  166. Agfa Ansco Universal rise/fall lock
  167. weight of 8X10 wooden film holder
  168. Can film be used in plate holders?
  169. 8x10 dual purpose Suggestions
  170. Wire thingies on film holders
  171. Some Interesting Intellectual Property on Film Holders
  172. Leaky film holder
  173. Super D 4x5 question
  174. What next? (4x5)
  175. Acclimating LF equipment from air conditioning to outside
  176. Introducing kids to LF
  177. f64 setting on 4.7 135mm xenar lens and one other query
  178. Did the Kodak Master View 8x10 have a 4x5 back option?
  179. best material for darkcloth?
  180. Stiff Calumet revolving back
  181. Cable Release Woes
  182. Going Mad - I'm collecting now
  183. Can Anyone Identify This 4x5 Camera?
  184. portability of 8x10 Century 10A camera
  185. Wista/Tachihara 4x5 field cameas + 210mm lenses
  186. Toyo M810 vs. Toyo M8x10 II?
  187. Lists?
  188. Anyone familiar with this 5x7 kit camera?
  189. GND Filter Select Question
  190. Absolute best ground glass and/or fresnel
  191. Info on old 8X10 Linhof?
  192. Chamonix 4x5 movements don't stay in place
  193. Question about Linhof Master GTL Back
  194. FKD 18x24 maximum bellows extension?
  195. Toyo Field 45A questions
  196. Arca Swiss 5x7 model
  197. Need help with my 8x10 original design R.H.Phillips and Sons Camera (wood)
  198. Gg image in focus but resulting negative out-of-focus
  199. KMV lens board adapter?
  200. 405 Polaroid back
  201. A curious accessory shoe fitment?
  202. Linhof Technika Handles
  203. What is the size of the Wista 45DX back opening?
  204. Stone, dead simple 4x5 with benefits
  205. View Finder for Sinar F2 - Recommendations
  206. Another new Chamonix owner
  207. Camera choice - Fresnels and Chamonix field cameras (sorry)
  208. Beseler 4x5 Press Camera: How do I operate the focal plane shutter?
  209. Horseman 450
  210. Has anyone had Steve Hopf make some ground glass for them in the past few months ?
  211. lens board question
  212. Noob Question. What to buy? LF vs MF
  213. Is an 8x10 camera right for me?
  214. sinar bino magnifier to horseman 450
  215. How can I replace 'dead' spirit levels on a Calumet CC-401?
  216. KMV Adapter
  217. Front and Rear Lens Cap Sizes for 47mm Schneider Super Angulon XL F5.6?
  218. Looking for a Binocular Reflex Finder for a Horseman FA?
  219. Shen Hao PTB problem - screw blocking rear tilt
  220. Camera Calumet 4 x 5 CC 401- Lenses Fujinon 150 mm.
  221. Deardorff or Neardorff? Please help me identify.
  222. Does Wista 45DX accept recessed Technika boards?
  223. A little help for the new newbie who wants to get started in 8x10
  224. What ground glass is on this Ebony 4x5?
  225. Technika-flex - Linhof Twin Lens Reflex?
  226. Need information on unusual Sinar rail clamp
  227. Wista 8x10 Field Camera
  228. Unknown 5x7 junk shop find - keeper or bin?
  229. Grafmatic 1268 newbie -- bent septums?
  230. Minimum focal length lenses possible to use with Bi-Kardan 45
  231. Film Holders Scratching my Negs (?)
  232. 4x5 that extends to 400mm easily...
  233. Linhof serial number
  234. Toyo 45A-II sloppy focus track - how to tighten?
  235. Chamonix F1 Ground Glass Question
  236. First feedback on Svedovsky 8x10
  237. trouble focussing a 240mm lens on Wista SP - help appreciated!
  238. Kodak Master view 8x10 (Metalfield) rear focus issue
  239. Just bought a Sinar F - the LF adventure begins
  240. Toyo 45A 45AII 45AX and 45CF Resource/Fan Page
  241. Rochester whole plate camera, do I get it?
  242. 4x5 large format field camera that can handle a 600mm lens
  243. Toyo 810M vs. Canham 8x10 Metal Field a Camera?
  244. Laptop style case with the best protection for 8x10 film holders?
  245. Newbie 5x7 woes
  246. Arca Swiss format carriers F-line
  247. Has Satin Snow gone away?
  248. Newton-Finder with blue glass (9x12 about 1925) Why?
  249. Are Linhof Technika 5x7 and 4x5 cams the same?
  250. Recessed Linhof/Wista lens board for Copal #1 lens